How does a US ID card look like?

How does a US ID card look like? Topic: Example how to write a check bank
July 19, 2019 / By Dindraine
Question: what color is it? does each states have a different look? or all look the same? can you give me a pic of example?? i'm just curious i mean for an American citizen ID... not for workers or anything like that no counterfeiting... just curious because i think US is the only country that don't have a ID card as a whole country (you know looking all the same and using drivers licenses as ID) how about for children? what do they use before they drive?
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Carine Carine | 2 days ago
The US, as a free country, does not require its citizens to carry ID at all times. The police can ask for ID when arrested, but even then it is not required. The only time you may need ID would be to write a check, open a bank account, or board an airplane. Children don't have ID cards. Each of the states and territories issues driver's licenses, which is the principal form of ID in the US. For those who don't drive or are ineligible for a driver's license, a state ID can be issued. Each state uses a different format. If you go to Google Images and enter a state and the words driver's license, you can see what that state's look like.
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Anastacia Anastacia
There IS NO US citizen ID card. Each state will issue it's own driver's license, and, upon request, a state ID, but this state ID is not required.
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Webster Webster
Why you want to start counterfeiting them. Ther is no such thing as a US ID card. Each state has their own system. Each state issues their own ID card. In 99.98% of the time that ID card is your Drivers License.
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Salathiel Salathiel
There are no "papers" in the US. If you need a government form of ID for travel there are: drivers licenses, state ID's and passports. If you don't fly, you don't need one.
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