Opinions on tattoo idea?

Opinions on tattoo idea? Topic: The myth of sisyphus essay by camus
July 19, 2019 / By Didi
Question: based on the myth of sisyphus, where his punishment is to push a boulder up a mountain every day for eternity, only to have it roll down the hill at the end of every night. there's a great essay by camus about the philosphy of it, basically absurdism, that encompasses the meaning behind it for me. but anyway, the tattoo would be sisyphus rolling a boulder up a set of infinite paradoxical stairs (like the ones shown in inception if you've seen that). the ones that look like they're always going up, connected in a square, but impossible to build in reality. what do you think?
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Cari Cari | 9 days ago
Your idea is great, but it is in the references that you bring, and the tattoo artist you choose that will make it a great tattoo or a bad tattoo. So, you need an image of Sisyphus, or images that you like some of this, some of that, etc. You need a boulder. You need the staircase. You need to know what kind of style that you are attracted to. And you need to know placement, and it must have adequate room for the images. You need a skilled and experienced tattoo artist. If you find a painting that you want to have him/her reproduce, you must make sure that you find an artist that can reproduce it accurately in a tattoo. Here's some images that may help you: http://lh6.ggpht.com/_i7mcOnAvxVk/TEMZdE... http://www.cs.uni.edu/~wallingf/blog-ima... http://ihumanable.com/blog/wp-content/up... http://thanasis.com/store/sisiph2.jpg http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_zIPInXrk2cM/SyET2F69lXI/AAAAAAAAABI/rdsRf5t735Q/s320/sisyphus.gif http://www.emotionalcompetency.com/images/sphus2.jpeg http://www.mpdailyfix.com/images/sisyphus.gif http://www.doobybrain.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/06/ribbon-staircase.jpg http://media.photobucket.com/image/staircase%20in%20%2527inception%2527/magicalmego/wallpaper/stairway.jpg http://www.top10source.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/02/35.jpg luck~
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Whatever it is, make sure it's something you really love. Something with meaning. Maybe something you drew yourself. Nothing trendy. Nothing mainstream. Ask yourself if you're still going to like it in 10 years. 20 years. 50 years. Because once it's there, it's there for life. Make sure you don't get it on a body part that will change over time. (hip, butt, breast, stomach, etc.) Since your middle name is rose, that could be a good choice. And roses can come in any colour you like. Yellow, pink, violet, blue, even pale green. Research the design A LOT, because once it's on you, it can't be changed or tattooed over (in most cases) Find an artist by looking at books of tattoos they've done. Or if you see someone at the store or on the street that has an amazing tattoo, ask them where they got it. Don't expose it to the sun, or it'll turn into a shapeless, black blob over time. Think of how it'll look at a job, or when you dress nicely to go out for dinner, or if you end up with an office job with a dress code - will it show? Above all, make it one that no one else has. Even if you think you can't draw, you may surprise yourself. Try to draw a design. Good luck!
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For girls the shoulder blade and the lower back seem like the classic spots for a tattoo. As for what to get, I don't know if it matters so much what it is so long as it something that is meaningful to you and/or something you REALLY like. This is going to be on your skin forever, and if you do choose to take it off eventually it will be rather expensive and will HURT. I wouldn't discount the rose idea though. Roses come in a variety of colors naturally: pink, yellow, white etc. Heck, it's your tattoo. You can make it purple or blue if you want to.
Cari Originally Answered: Opinions on what to get for a tattoo?
My personal opinion is that foot tattoos are gross and look like fungus. But ones on the shoulder blades are beautiful as long as they aren't big and multicolored. Wrists are cool too. And do you really want people to think you have a trap stamp?(lower back) Stars are uncreative. and not all roses are red. I like yellow ones. But tattoos are there for life so make sure you really like what you are getting and what it means to you. I have a quote from my favorite song my best friend has one half of the quote and i have the other half. so that's really special to us, my advice is to make sure it's something special to you :)
Cari Originally Answered: Opinions on what to get for a tattoo?
I always tell people to get something that is really meaningful, something they won't mind looking at the rest of their life, and something they won't regret. I put a lot of thought into each idea, design I want. I have had a picture on my computer monitor for almost 3 years...I am not tired of it so i will eventually get it. I'm in no rush because I want to see if my opinion on it will stay the same. It has because the design has tons of meaning. plus again i'm not tired of it yet lol. just don't rush into it. take your time. printing a pic or two out and making sure you want it is a good idea. i heard of a lot of people doing it and they say it's a nice way to figure out what you want. good luck. enjoy your tattoo! :)

Cari Originally Answered: Idea for a tattoo. is it a good idea?
Sorry, you have to be 18 with picture ID and adult permission, but you may get lucky ask in the tattoo place or in your towns mayor or whatever you have. But if you are allowed than Oh Yeah! that would be a sweet tattoo :P :D Hope this helped in whatever way !
Cari Originally Answered: Idea for a tattoo. is it a good idea?
Try looking some thing like Miami/LA/London Ink, even though you can also now not see precisely what you desire, it'll deliver you a few suggestions. You will probably be competent to peer how tattoo's seem on exclusive materials of the frame and you are going to be competent to peer what locations you prefer tattooed. It can even deliver you suggestions on easy methods to study tattoo suggestions, and process an artist to make certain you get what you quite desire.
Cari Originally Answered: Idea for a tattoo. is it a good idea?
You have to be 18, unless your parents sign a consent form. Also, Chinese characters are very tacky unless you are extremely fluent in Chinese. Many tattoos have gone wrong because of bad translation. If you want something to represent love, what sort of love? I love my husband. I love ice cream. I love to make fun of people. Which love do you want? If you like the Chinese symbol because of the Chinese culture, think of other symbols of the culture that appeal to you. If you like the Chinese characters because of their design, try looking for other patterns or designs that are not affiliated with a language that could be mistranslated. EDIT: Your location is a great spot. My first tattoo is there. No pain, I can hide it when it needs to be hidden, and I can expose it whenever I want. Great choice.

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