My friend has cheated and made me feel guilty?

My friend has cheated and made me feel guilty? Topic: Homework cheats teachers
July 15, 2019 / By Dianna
Question: Okay, so I know once in a while everyone cheats and I understand that, but I can't bear it when I get in the middle of it.. Today we were correcting our math homeworks and apparently she has marked the answers correct when they were wrong and fixed them as well. This has happened with other people and her at times and she has been in trouble for it. I thought she has learned to stop but she wont. She told me to say her score out loud so the teacher will know I corrected her work when I did not. Now I feel guilty because I am part of this lie too. For I have known she cheated but still said her false grade. If you were in my situation what would you do? Tell the teacher the truth, consult with the friend and tell her you feel guilty, or just move on?
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Caren Caren | 7 days ago
You really shouldn't let other people force you to compromise your morals. What your friend did was peer pressure. In my opinion you should have said her actual score and then if your friend decided that was more important than your friendship, then she is not a true friend. Actually a similar thing happened to me. One of my friends, who was a not a terribly close friend, but still a friend, asked me to mark questions right that were wrong. Well, I didn't I gave him the score he earned and he got really angry and would not stop making fun of me and we have not been friends since. But he showed me that the 3 points out of 8 that I took off for wrong answers meant more than our friendship, so he was not a true friend. And was I happy that I lost a friend? No, but I stuck to my morals and that felt better than would I have cheated.
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Caren Originally Answered: Teacher made me feel guilty?
Leaving early just before a break looks kind of suspect in a teacher's eyes. I can certainly understand why you wouldn't want to give him the details as to why it was necessary. I think that as soon as you get back you go to him as soon as you get to school and explain the situation. Tell him that at the time you didn't want to talk about it. And since you will have been able to see grandma and have a better idea yourself of her current condition you should be able to explain better the need for this early dismissal. She's not doing well, it was vital that i be there.... He will understand. Leaving people in the dark only makes them assume your intentions are impure.

Amilia Amilia
Talk to your friend, If she's a real friend, she'll understand where you're coming from. But guessing you're a teenager, the odds of her coming around and correcting her bad ways are low indeed. There's not much you can do other than talk to her. And if you REALLY think she needs help with this, tell the teacher, but try and remain anonymous.
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Wat Wat
STOP putting yourself in that position. Tell her you will not ever correct her paper and make it so. YOUR the one that will get in trouble if caught so you need to put on your big gal panties and protect YOURSELF since your so called friend clearly isn't looking out for you.
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Sachie Sachie
consult w/ the friend, tell her if she were truly your friend, she wouldn't ask you to lie for her about her grades. tell her you won't in the future, and if she does ask you to cover for her, you will have to tell the teacher.
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