Plz help me! i want my parents to get a divorce is this right?:S?

Plz help me! i want my parents to get a divorce is this right?:S? Topic: The sisters club pictures
July 21, 2019 / By Diann
Question: Hey people I'll try make this short without revealing too much about my current living situation but that is very hard to do. I am a 17 year old teenage girl (who lives in ww3) i do love my family so much even if i may not show but i do. I love my parents as well but the problem is i don't think they love each other. I have 2 brothers and a sister who is moved out of the house. When i was younger my family was very close, i always remember my dad being such a great dad and such a family man he was always bringing my brother and i out everywhere and we had great times together. I never remember my parents relationship being perfect but i always thought sure who's is? they had their ups and downs but i knew they still loved each other. As the years went by when my younger brother and me started growing up things changed in a weird way (we are both teens now by the way). My dad found it hard to accept this change because well especially with me he was very close i was daddy's lil girl. Later he became good friends with this couple he knew from work and he introduced my mother to them and for a few years everything was grand with them my parents and them became great friends. But little did we know that the woman from the couple was brainwashing my dad and filling his head with crazy things. My dad soon became distant from us all (my family) and began to spend a lot of time with the couple,this was hard on us because even though we were growing up we still wanted our dad around. I don't even know what happened exactly but my dad's priorities were messed up,his friends and a football club he supports came before his family. Also one day i found a naked picture of the woman from the couple on my dad's phone,when i confronted him about it accusing him of cheating he gave me this big speech saying i don't know where it came from and all and then started crying saying i would never do anything like that to the family. Not too long ago my dad got checked out in a mental hospital and well yeah found out he really needs help. My dad didn't like this idea so decided to ignore it,but things only got worse then. See him has anger problem a extreme one he starts fights with us and things end up very messy,one time he wrecked the whole living room out of anger like threw furniture all over the place and nearly injured us. Further more he treats my mother very badly just with so much lack of respect its unbelievable,and again always starting fights and taking them too far. My mother doesn't show her emotions but we all know she is very upset. This whole situation really upsets us all,but my mother wont get a divorce she doesn't want to break up the family but at this point i think it would be better for everyone. Also our family is grieving for our grandmother(my dad's mother) at the moment and things are very hard. So we are trying to help my dad out because it is really badly affecting him and all of us but especially him. But my dad won't listen to any of us or get help,he goes out to work early in the morning and doesn't come back till very late at night,god only knows where or what he is doing. This house is just becoming very difficult to live in and i am in a very important academic year in school,so i have enough to deal with but the stress of home life is always there in my head messing me up. I also think i need some kind of councelling to deal with all of this but i dont know where to go about it. Thank you so much for taking time to read this I will appreciate your help :) x
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Careen Careen | 6 days ago
It's understandable that you want your parents to get a divorce; it sounds like there is a lot of conflict at home. However, you cannot control what they do (or don't do). So it is up to you to do the best you can to keep yourself healthy (mentally and physically). Is there a guidance counselor at school you could speak with about obtaining counseling for yourself? Or do you belong to a church in which you could speak to the priest or pastor regarding counseling for yourself? I know it is hard, but sometimes you have to separate yourself from the situation as much as you can so that it has less of an effect on you. I hope this helps, and good luck to you.
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Careen Originally Answered: Parents might get a divorce?
Honey, sorry you're going thru problems w/your parents. That's one thing that's hard to do as you honestly don't know ALL the truth about matters that have gone on w/them over the yrs. You have no idea of what the two of them have dealt w/privately w/o your kids having an inkling about what's been going on throughout their lives together. As in you've just stated you've tho't differently about your dad for yrs., now had a talk w/him & actually do feel differently about him now. Why don't you try having a talk w/your mom. Tell her a lot about just what you've said here. As in you thinking one thing about your dad, now after talking to him you've more or less had a chg. of heart about how you feel about him & how he's going to try his best to chg. things w/himself to try to make things better all around. I'd also bring up your brother, ask her IF she's given tho't to how he's going to make it thru this hardship & what it's going to do w/his life. I'm a recovering alcoholic of 19+ yrs., & did some things to my kids that hurt them badly. I've carried around guilt w/this for yrs. & still do w/my youngest. I left the family when my two older ones were 19 & my oldest was 20. I left my daughter, he oldest, to take over my "job" of mother while she also was going thru college for nursing. She had the whole household to care for, cook, shop, clean, plus continue on w/her studies. My youngest son was 13 1/2, he's the one I carried the most guilt over leaving. I had been there to make lunches for the others for school, was there for them 100%. In the beginning, I ran to their home early every morning to make his lunches. But then his father started dating, having his dates stay over, so of course I had to quit that. But I did carry around so much guilt for leaving him at a young age when the other kids had me here. He moved out when he was 19, & bgt. a trailer of his own. I did make amends w/all my children & when I did w/him I was crying telling him, he just told me it had made him a stronger person who learned how to take good care of himself a little sooner & not to worry about it.I DO have the best bunch of kids a Mother could ever hope to have! Sorry I got off on a tangent!!! But, tell your mother her leaving is NOT going to help her youngest son at all. Did she even take him into consideration when she made her decision to leave?! Pull no punches in letting her know this is not going to do your brother the best care & understanding he needs. I Do wish you the best, honey...:)

Amie Amie
Your dad is probably having an affair with the couple. Maybe he pressured your mom to be involved at one time, too. Ask her face to face. Your mom is carrying a lot of emotional hurt. You dad is probably facing real mental health issues. You need to support your mom, emotionally, but support your dad in seeking more help. His boughts of anger and his promiscuity with that other couple and his misplaced priorities is a classic sign of bipolar issues. Divorce may seem like the answer, but it would be far better to see your dad healthy, again, and mom happy with him.
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Washington Washington
Im sorry, but after reading the first sentence, it got a little bit boring. Basically, live a happy family, once your parents ARE divorced, you would regret everything about it, and you would want them together again.
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Ryley Ryley
Stop dwelling on your parents troubles and concentrate on your school and career choices.Marriage at best is a rocky road,so let them deal with the pressures and you wear ear plugs and study hard.
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Murdo Murdo
Let your parents work out there own problems. My daughter doesn't talk to me or her dad to this day because SHE felt we shouldn't be together. Very sad situation.
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Murdo Originally Answered: Parents divorce. please help ASAP?
You have nothing to feel guilty about, you did the right thing. You need to tell your mum you dont feel comfortable living with your dad in the house. Your mum should make the decision for you both to get away from your dad, and your mum should press charges on your dad. You shouldnt have to worry about all of this. It sounds like you will be able to have a happier life without your dad at the moment, for the time being at least until he sorts his problems out. I would show your mum the question you just wrote, and tell her she should put your needs first. I hope this turns out okay.

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