What are creative (and economic) ways to ask your friend to Prom?

What are creative (and economic) ways to ask your friend to Prom? Topic: Cold case saddest ending
June 20, 2019 / By Diane
Question: Note: not girlfriend, but friend friend. And surprising ways are always appreciated. Thanks...
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Caramia Caramia | 5 days ago
I KNOW this is just a friend, but in case you still need to be a guy that she'd like to go with anyways right? And even if you're friends, she might think you like her. DON'T say just as friends either because it sends weird vibes. This is what you do. A few months before, you talk with her. She has to have a good opinion of you and trust you. To do THAT you: Talk to her like a guy friend. Sounds hard huh? No, it isn't. Be honest, don't act like a head over heels "in love" person. Give her space and lean back. Don't talk too much. Don't talk about things as if you "want to get to know her better". Assume that you know her enough and time will give you more, and you'll be okay. Be playful. After two weeks of this behavior, you can safely bring the dance up. This is almost exactly something perfect to say, but your personality needs to feel it too: "Hey... there's this dance coming up and I was thinking about asking this girl. She's great. Sexy, smart and cute. A MUST HAVE...... (long pause and look her in the eyes) And then... there's you." She might hit you so be on guard. But it's a GOOD thing if she does. If she laughs, great too. Now say "How about it?" The end. Don't get giddy and stuff. Just relax and be cool about it. If she gets SAD at what you said. Like really sad, then go "Whoa... Can't take a joke? COLD FISH. Seriously... Cold. Brrrr." And shiver. This will probably make her laugh. THEN say, "Well how about it?" Chances of success: 91% if you can be laid back and not needy and scare her away. 68% if you make a few mistakes. Good luck, Franklin
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Caramia Originally Answered: Creative/fun/romantic ways to ask a girl to prom?
1 you can do a massage in bottle that says will you go to prom 2 you can do a white t shirt that says will you go to prom with me ? 3 you can do a cookie cake that says will you go to prom with me there websites that will you see how to make one online. anyways if yahoo doesnt help i would google ideas and watch you tube videos how guys asking girls to prom, homecoming and winter formel.

Amice Amice
Leave a note in her lock that says will you go to prom with me w/ a rose.Or even write her a poem asking her
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Warwick Warwick
-flow to her living house and both fill her mailbox with flora/chocolate or sweet she likes and a be conscious asking her out or placed a pile on her porch or deliver her a wonder equipment in the mail. -come across a thanks to fill her locker. -if you're reading at the same time, "by danger" go away behind a letter asking her out on proper of her personal artwork. -Make your self a blouse that announces "______ will you flow to prom with me?" or something alongside those strains.
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Rylan Rylan
Use whipped cream to spell out the question on their lawn in the morning before they leave for school. it can easily be washed away, is funny, and is an great unexpected suprise!
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Rylan Originally Answered: Cute ways to ask a girl to junior prom?
For winter formal, my best friend's boyfriend hid puzzle pieces around school all day for her to find (ie, her desk first period, he locker, etc) and at the end it was a heart that said "will you be my date to winter formal?" it was so cute, and fun too! My other guy friend wrote on a piece of paper "Will you go to winter ball with me?" and took a picture of it with the girl he was asking's phone, then set it as her background, and turned off her phone. Then when she turned it back on she saw it.

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