Confused about paranormal activity 3?

Confused about paranormal activity 3? Topic: Cover letter referee
July 15, 2019 / By Diana
Question: I saw pa3 Recently and I am confused...how do the kids not remember thAt the grandma killed their parents? Why does the grandma want them? Why would the grandma kill her daughter? It doesn't make sense!
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Cara Cara | 4 days ago
Here is my explanation for the series: Movie 1 to 4 (Yes there is a 4th movie already out) The grandmother and her cult made a Covenant (Pact) to Toby a long time ago, Toby which in religious context in the Koran and other religions books is refereed to as a Djinn (Research it on Google if interested), so that they can have all the money they wanted and be financially stable. In return a first born son must be sacrificed, the grandma was not married so I'm guessing she was originally married to Toby but never produced a son to sacrifice but instead a daughter. Since the grandmother never had a son to sacrifice to Toby, she wanted her daughter to have more kids, hoping to bare a son, but she refused to. Now since both the grandmother and her daughter didn't give birth to any sons it was up to the granddaughters Kristie and Katie to complete the pact. That's why Kristie was able to see Toby and wanted to be her friend because Toby picked her for marriage to bare him a son to sacrifice, the marriage was actually just a bonding ritual so she was given responsibility to complete the pact and she was not actually going to mate with Toby. Katie in the other hand was not chosen, she was just haunted because she entered into Toby's home (Closet) and disturbed him which pissed him off, so she became more of a servant to Toby and Kristie the vessel to conceive a son for sacrifice. So after both the parents of the girls die, I'm guessing the grandmother took Katie and Kristie in and Toby erased all of there memories (That's why they can't remember their childhood as they got older) and the grandmother burned down their house to cover up the death of their parents. So fast forward on, Kristie gives birth to a son (Hunter) in Paranormal Activity 2, she has no memory of her marriage with Toby but Toby still follows her because he is attached to her because of their marriage. Toby possess's Kristie to sacrifice Hunter, but her husband did a ritual to remove Toby from the house and also broke the bond of Toby and Kristie and transferring Toby to be housed and be attached to another family member, which is Katie. This ritual pisses off Toby and she possess Katie who was his servant to begin with, so he possess Katie and kills Kristie and her husband and takes hunter. Katie I'm guessing sacrifices hunter and in the movie Paranormal Activity 2 Tokyo Nights it shows Katie being ran over by a Japanese woman who Toby attaches himself to since Katie and Kristie's blood line and pact are broken. Also the step daughter of Katie was not attached by Toby because she was not part of the bloodline of Katie and Kristie. Lesson to learn: Yes spirits are real, I know first hand. Also spirits (non-human ones) take words very seriously and will keep you to your word down to the letter. So be careful what you say or ask for, because you never know who is listening.
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Cara Originally Answered: Who has seen the Paranormal Activity?
I agree, i too just saw it tonight. We were ten min late or so. So we missed the beginning. I am a HUGE scary movie fanatic and i was NOT impressed nor "scared". The screen could've been blank and the surrond sound alone is what scared me most. Of course in scary movies, the LOUDNESS is what startles haha! I think there was WAY too much hype. I was actually scared to death of "Blair Witch" when i first saw it becuz all i had heard was that it was based on true events. I was so scared until i saw the interviews of the "CAST"....was so disappointed to find out later it was staged. This one however is unclear if it's supposed to be "based on true events". Just because it's on a home camera doesn't mean special effects can't be used. Hmmmm, for me it was a disappointment and a waste of money. :(
Cara Originally Answered: Who has seen the Paranormal Activity?
If your into the gorey, in-your-face type of scary movies...than this won't be your kind of movie. I on the other hand really enjoyed it, but that's because I like to think beyond what is being shown to me. This movie makes you wonder what all has been going on in this girls life and in turn messes with your head. To me, what is left out is sometimes scarier than watching some crazed maniac chase a girl down the street. As you can see, Im trying to explain myself without ruining the movie for you. This movie tends to get under your skin rather than fill you with constant visual fear. The only down side is that I did feel like the movie dragged on a little since all the scary stuff mainly happened at night, but coming from someone who grew up with night terrors as a child, I really enjoyed it.
Cara Originally Answered: Who has seen the Paranormal Activity?
I think your mom and sisters are crazy. The movie was long and boring. I didn't see the one in theaters though. I got the DVD copy that has one of the different endings on it. I laughed at the end because it was funny. So other than the 1 minute of funny stuff the rest of the movie was boring.

Ami Ami
Same!! I don't understand the ending at all!!! Let me know if u figure it out!!(: EDIT: If I understand the story correctly... The witches (including the grandmother) have an ultimate goal of making "Toby" possess a boy child so he can live in the real world. However, there were currently no boy children in the family at the time, so the grandmother was pushing her daughter to have more kids. She told the grandmother she was not having any more kids besides the 2 girls so the grandmother (and the grandmother's witch cult) decided to get rid of the mom and enslave the little girls to produce a boy child eventually. That's where the whole Kristi & Toby wedding thing came in. The witches are trying to help the demon "Toby" come into the real world by possessing a boy child. And no, it didn't have anything to do with them not liking Dennis... he was just in the way. As for the Bloody Mary part, That was just Toby toying with them. He has no set physical form so sometimes he can be seen as the size of a little girl or a huge bird (remember the footprints from Paranormal Activity 1?)
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Ami Originally Answered: I have paranormal activity, I think?
I have to say that there is much about our mind that we do not understand. However, if your dog is reacting to something as well I will tell you a few things that I know work. To get rid of negative energy you can light white candles. This helps to purge negative energy and it is also used for protection. You should do this in each room, just do not leave unattended. White Vinegar in small bowls or cups in each room of the house. These should be changed weekly. You will see the vinegar dissipating leaving a white ring, eventually this will not happen and you can stop for a bit. Sprinkle a bit of Sea Salt in each corner of each room, this will also dispel negative energy. Black salt sprinkled across the threshold of your front door. Dragon's Blood incense is also for protection and to dispel negative energy.
Ami Originally Answered: I have paranormal activity, I think?
It could be related to your neurological issue. Or, it could have been a real visual sensation and whatever triggered your photoreceptors in your peripheral vision might have gotten the dogs attention to. Whatever triggered your peripheral vision could have been something as mundane as someone walking past a window. Or the dog could have been reacting to something else altogether. Without being there to observe the situation we can only guess, but it's for certain that there are much more likely explanations than ghosts. See the link below for an explanation of the corner-of-the-eye optical illusion.

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