For everyone in high school - how was your freshman year?

For everyone in high school - how was your freshman year? Topic: Y homework is bad
July 15, 2019 / By Di
Question: I am going to become a freshman in less than a week, and even though I am mainly excited....I am a tiny bit nervous too. I just wanted to know some peoples stories on their freshman year and if it was good or not. Also I have 1 question - are the "bit**y and drama queen girls really competitive over guys? Oh gosh....lol. Anyways, thank you! Also - any tips?
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Candyce Candyce | 1 day ago
My freshmen year went by extremely fast. I made tons of new friends, made a few enemies, lost some old friends, and gained a lot of experience. I really enjoyed it. The teachers were really chill and they made class fun. (sometimes) Homework wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be, and the lessons were challenging but not too hard. Over the year, you'll notice the cliques forming. You can join them, or avoid them. I also had my share of the drama, but it wasn't as terrifying as you would think it would be. My tip would be to get to know as many people as you can. That way, your classes will be more fun, and you have people to talk to! (: As for the drama queens, if you get to know them, they can be nice people. As for the competition over the guys, the girls at my school weren't that competitive. As long as you're not stealing their boyfriend, then there shouldn't be much trouble. Hope you have fun your freshmen year! (=
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Candyce Originally Answered: High school? (freshman year)?
I am a freshman and i dont think anybody pick on you when ur a freshman. its depend on wht kind of person you are. and about the school orientiation , you can take your parents if you want to but not really important. And these are some tips to survive high school freshman year lol # Make good first impressions, especially on teachers. The impressions you make during the first week of school affect your entire high school career...with most teachers, if they get it in their heads that you're a good student early you won half the battle. Be sure to be on time for every class during this short period of judgment. When all of your teachers hand you those syllabus papers to get signed, try to bring it back the next day. (Even though it is easy to forget, TRY.) In regards to your fellow classmates; be yourself. It is important to earn the respect and companionship of your peers early on in the school year. Ads by Google Sylvan Learning Center Find Learning Programs and Tutors on the Sylvan Learning Site. www.tutoring.SylvanLearning.com # 2 Find a group of people to sit with at lunch – as soon as possible. The lunch “break” that high-schoolers are allowed is, at first, one of the most stressful experiences of the beginning of the year. If you spot some of your middle school friends gathering together at a table, join in. Be aware, though, that these seating arrangements are often permanent. Pick your table wisely. # 3 Find someone who you can follow to class. If Ashley or Josh are in both your first and second periods, then he/she can help you find your way to your next class. High Schools are big and scary at first, so it can’t hurt to have your own personal tour guide. If your classmate is as lost as you are, at least you won’t be lost alone. # 4 Do not procrastinate. The sooner you get things done, the more time you will have to do the things you like to do. No matter how much you would love to plop down in front of the T.V. after a hard day, try to get to work as soon as possible. # 5 Try to make some friends. If you see someone from one of your classes at lunch say something like, "I think you are in my math class right?". Make people feel comfortable, without seeming like a stalker. If you don't smile and have a look on your face like you mad, people will think you are unapproachable and will be scared to talk to you. Join different clubs, like sports , band, newspaper etc. # 6 Even if you aren't having a good day try to stay positive. When you walk past people in the hall, instead of ignoring them just say a simple "Hi, ____." and say their name. # 7 Talk to lots of people, even the popular people, shy people, people in your class etc. Try to get yourself out there and known. # 8 You need your friends for survival. Do not let go. Friends are your lifejackets in the shipwreck of high school -- without them, you could sink. Everyone needs someone to lean on and someone who cares. Stick with those who know you best and like you for who you are. # 9 Accept change. Accept change in your friends. Accept change in your school. Accept change in your teachers. Accept change in yourself. High school is a huge part of your life, and from here on out, there’s no going back. Do not try to keep things from changing, because change is good. Watch people around you become who they are going to be. # 10 Study!Many people find flashcards helpful studying tools. Flashcards are one of the most efficient ways of studying because by making them, you have already begun to study. Writing down the questions and answers on note cards helps the information stick in your brain just long enough to take that pesky midterm. # 11 Be involved in some sort of extracurricular activity. Fall sports that begin before school are always a plus because they allow you to meet new people and make new friends before school even begins. High school is a great time to figure out what you are interested in, and follow your interests through clubs and sports. These activities are also a crucial part of your college application. As more and more people apply to colleges every year, colleges become more and more focused on the smaller details, such as your extracurricular activities. # 12 Eat lunch. Whether you eat in the cafeteria or bring your lunch your brain/body needs energy to perform.
Candyce Originally Answered: High school? (freshman year)?
I'm going to be a Junior in high school and honestly, no one picks on Freshmen... It's just a myth that for some reason developed over time. No one shoves you into lockers and pushes you against the wall. Once or twice maybe some upperclassmen, when they are in a huge group in the beginning of the school year and when a bunch of Freshmen are walking with their Freshmen class, they will just shout "Freshmen, Freshmen, Freshmen". And that's about it... I was nervous about that too during the summer after eight grade but it turns out I was scared for absolute nothing... One thing to really listen to right now-realize how important school is. Unfortunately, I did not realize it until this summer and now, it's too little too late and I probably will not go to the university of my dreams. The university I want to go to is in a very cultural part of California (my dream state) and the academics are outstanding (best public university in the US). The people are supposed to be amazing and the atmosphere is supposed to be great. Unfortunately, I did not realize how important high school grades were until it's too late. Not only can I not experience the incredible Freshman and Sophomore years in an incredible environment (something you will never have a chance at ever again), I will have to go to a mediocre school. Please take my advice and just throw as much of yourself as you can into your work. That said, do not burn out. Enjoy life while you are at it. I recommend a gap year. Join school activities, as well. Research your dream colleges so you know the requirements (you might qualify to go to your dream university but cannot simply because you did not take a required class). Everyone brings their parents to orientation so you could do that too (plus, if no one's parents are there, just tell them to leave when you get there).

Amelie Amelie
my freshman year was awesome for the first half and then the day after we got back from Christmas break some freaked out kid came back to school with a gun and started shooting, he fired 5 shots all of them hit lockers and walls so we were all okay but the school was never the same, a lot of kids left and the ones that stayed (me) were treated like babies, teachers would line the hallways and it was just really awkward. I got to transfer after the school year ended but it was a really sad year
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Walton Walton
its not like the movies thats for sure. my freshman year went by super fast! when i was a freashman everyone thought i was a senior haha.
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Walton Originally Answered: Freshman year of high school. Please Help?
I'm an all A student too and in the colorguard. =) I started high school last year and it isn't as big of deal as people say it is. To stay organized in high school, you need to keep all your subjects separate. Go before the first day of school (I went when I got my schedule) and find all your classes and go to them in the order you'll have them. ALWAYS do your homework in high school!! The teachers are a lot more strict about it. Finally, have fun in high school!! That was the biggest difference for me. You get to do a whole lot more and going to high school does help you mature a lot more than you were in middle school. Don't worry, it's not as difficult as it's made to be. Hope this helped!! Good luck!! =) xoxo ~M~

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