65 year old professor seems to have a crush on me and it’s making me VERY uncomfortable. Please see details?

65 year old professor seems to have a crush on me and it’s making me VERY uncomfortable. Please see details? Topic: How to write an email to a college
July 19, 2019 / By Devnet
Question: So I am taking this 1 class right now during Fall Semester & I have this teacher who I will call G. G is about 65 years old. Since the first week of class, I’ve noticed G has taken an interest in me. He started emailing me a lot about school, & then about the sport I play here in college, & now it’s to the point where he’s emailing me just about his personal life & asking me kinda about my general life a little bit. Not to mention he now uses EMOJIS. He even attended my last home game (which I know is normal for teachers to attend games), but he was strictly there to watch ME play & then emailed me about it after. He always jokes in his emails and messes with me during class. During my birthday, I was going to be on the road traveling & to the ENTIRE CLASS, he made some type of joke about how he knows people at the place & he could call them up & they could shower me with like *birthday kisses and stuff*. So overall, he’s constantly emailing me and in no way is it related to school at this point. I have an A+ in the class & I partially feel that he’s just giving it to me. Here’s the twist, I have to take another 1 of his classes next semester bc it’s for my major & he’s the only teacher that teaches it. At this point, I’m extremely uncomfortable in his class & it’s giving me anxiety and I have no clue what to do. I don’t think he’s married & he lives alone so idk if he’s just lonely or what. 65 years old is just way too creepy for me and makes me feel unsafe. What do I do?
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Candida Candida | 8 days ago
Do you revert his emails? Stop all correspondence with him. You have nothing to fear because you have all the proofs with you that can land him in a soup. He is literally stalking you and it is a serious crime. You need to report it to your counselor in writing. You don't need to worry about anything. They will take it from there. It's not that you will be made to confront him in person. Whatever you tell about him will be thoroughly investigated. It will be better if you start maintaining a diary wherein you can jot all weired things he does in a day concerning you. Mention the date, time and place.You can also note down who witnessed the incident at that time. I say you take him down. These kind of people do not deserve to be around minors. Turn this problem in to an achievement.
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Candida Originally Answered: I am a 31 year old Ph.D. student and I have a crush on my professor. Based on the following, is he into me?
You are surely old enough to deal with this. Yes he probably lusts after a young woman, but is wise enough to show some restraint. If you encourage him it could become very awkward unless you want a fling - you do not say if he is married with kids or not. If he is single and unattached then probably no great harm, if he is married with kids you are playing with fire and should not lead him on.

Amber Amber
The same thing used to happen to me even now to this day. I think my professor was gay that why.Even to this day it haunt me. And i can't stop thinking about his profile picture and other stuff. Like I'm a straight man and this professor still disturbs me.
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Wally Wally
Usually I discount the claims on here by students that their teacher is hitting on them. But your professor's behavior is WAY over the top. You really need to talk to the head of the department about it. Take copies of some of the emails you've gotten. And explain about the difficulty with the class next semester- they may be able to let you take it independent study with another professor. If the head of the department doesn't help you resolve this problem, go to the Dean of Students, or the Dean of your college.
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Rudy Rudy
Talk to a counselor or head of the department at the school. You need to talk to them in some official capacity ahead of time. If you don't and things escalate, it will simply be a 'He said, She said".
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Morton Morton
I've never heard of a professor going psycho on a student for having an obsessive crush. They re too self preserving for that.
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Morton Originally Answered: My friend has been making me really uncomfortable recently. I think she may be bisexual?
It doesn't sound like you've told her that nasty talk bothers you. People can't read minds, you gotta speak up. "I'm sorry, but could you not talk like that. It gives me the creeps and it's kind of annoying." Kissing her was a mistake. But you can't do anything about that now. I think calling you 'baby' is just a term of endearment. But again...you have to open your mouth. "Why do you call me baby?" Or just flat out tell her to stop. If someone has been your good friend for YEARS, you should want to tell them that their behavior is making you uncomfortable. Don't tell her about your other plans with people. I think the distance thing is a good idea and she'll probably get the hint eventually. But a lot of these behaviors can be curbed by simply telling her that you don't like it. Good luck EDIT - @ Wiz I'm sorry. But it is ridiculous to assume that the Asker needs to "examine why she thinks the graphic sexual language is disgusting" Why? Because she is secretly harboring lesbian feelings that she doesn't know about? Grow up. Most people are NOT turned on by that stuff. That language is inappropriate and she does not have to deal with it or ignore that it bothers her.

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