Whats the mileage of Wagon R duo in Bangalore city/?

Whats the mileage of Wagon R duo in Bangalore city/? Topic: Doing homework in the car
June 20, 2019 / By Deven
Question: Hi, I have booked my first car "Wagon R Duo". I did a lot of research on selecting this vehicle. I wanted a low cost car and with a good running cost as well. Is my decision correct? How much is the mileage of the car in bangalore city?
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Best Answers: Whats the mileage of Wagon R duo in Bangalore city/?

Candice Candice | 7 days ago
I purchased the wagon r duo in aug 06, and have run the car for 30k kms. my true advice is DO NOT BUY THE WAGON R DUO. My duo was one of the first five sold in Bangalore. All this was blind faith that I had on the Maruti tag, i paid for the car hoping they have done their homework right before releasing a dual fuel model, but sadly they have not. there are a lot of issues with the gas kit and maruti has stopped answering all requests for a clear answer that i am looking for as a customer. i paid the entire list price without any discounts like free insurance etc., and two years later i am repenting my wagon R Duo purchase. please do not make the same mistake. if you need more info on specifics please mail me [email protected]
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