Who knows a good challenge to make my life less boring?

Who knows a good challenge to make my life less boring? Topic: Writing letter d kindergarten
July 21, 2019 / By Destiny
Question: Hey For a few months now i've had the feeling that my life has become pretty boring. nothing much happens, i don't do much exciting things, i don't have that much friends, and boys don't seem to be a single bit interested in me. THAT'S why i want something to change :D i would really like my life to become more adventurous (: that's why i want to ask you to give me a challenge! doesn't really mather what, just as funny or exciting as you can think of (though it should be realistic). maybe this sounds a bit like a crazy idea, but i just want to try it :) :D
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Candace Candace | 5 days ago
Take the challenge(s) of: *Learning something new. *Jogging 2 miles every day. *Picking up a new hobby. *Pick up a new sport. *Find a boyfriend/girlfriend. *Redecorate your room/house. *Make new friends. *Volunteer. *Do one kind act a day. *Get a job. *Get two jobs. *Move. *Travel. *Write a song/story/poem/etc. *Go speed dating. *Change yourself and lifestyle-by simply making a few outfit changes, dying your hair possibly, or wearing different makeup. This might help the guys 'notice you' a bit more. Remember--always smile and be confident! *Start an interactive devotional book. *Start a reading list. *Take up an extra class, inside or outside of school (learning new things) you would enjoy. *Make a list of goals and begin to complete them. *Paint your nails all different colors and patterns to prepare for doing them later. *Clean out your closet and go buy new clothes. *Babysit. *Subscribe to a magazine. *Experiment and make new recipes for food, and beauty products. *Cook a multiple-course meal for your family. *Make a really good dessert. *Watch old movies (I'd suggest Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, Strike!, and Breakfast at Tiffany's for starters). *Try something really crazy (sky-diving, scuba-diving, water skiing) *Teach preschool/kindergarten Sunday school (I always found this a challenge ;]) *Write a letter to your grandparents/aunt/uncles/cousins or anyone! *Go visit relatives or friends that live at least a few hours away. *Plan your dream house/land/job. *Start a journal. *Save money! *Choose a college major (for now!) *Do crossword puzzles/suduko. *Read the newspaper *Go swimming (for fun or for exercise) *Join the YMCA. *Join the local pool. *Make crafts as gifts (candles, picture frames, blankets, etc) *Offer to help a new mother for the day to experience part of the gift of a new baby. *Go green! (for life or for a week) *Go vegetarian! (For week. I wouldn't be able to do a life-time without my meat!) *Take a tour on a farm (A lot of the things that happen are very interesting.) *Plant your own garden. *Fix up your yard. *Go to a Farmer's Market (I love them!) *Ask your friends for new challenges, or adults you know. They can also come up with some other things. Hope I helped and good luck! :)
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Candace Originally Answered: How to make my life less boring?
Boredom is when you are doing something that doesn't interest you, but you can't think of anything else to do. Our mind needs to be stimulated regularly, otherwise we will become bored. There are alot of creative ideas that you can come up with, to keep boredom away. Try some of these creative ideas; 1. A great way to stop boredom, is to set a goal. This will give you something to plan and look forward to. With each accomplishment that you achieve you will notice how excited you are to do more. 2. Take a class in something that interest you. It may be, music, dancing, writing or Photography. If you like taking pictures, this is a great way to get rid of boredom. You will be so excited to see how the pictures come out, that you won't even remember the word bored. 3. Choose an outdoor activity that you like. Go to the park, in some areas, you can go to the beach, where you can rent bikes or if you prefer, you can bring your own bicycle. 4.Plan a picnic with your friends, pack little sandwiches, fruits and juices to carry along with you. 5. If you enjoy reading. Go to the bookstores and choose interesting topics or rent books from the library. Reading can be real fun if you have a quiet place to read, with no distractions. 6. Plan a trip to the zoo or the museum. Check out the different artifacts, do researches on different topics that are of interest to you. 7. You will just have to explore different types of activities, to see what sparks your interest. Without doing that, you will be stucked in the same routine everyday. So go ahead and explore, have fun and discover a new you, that you never knew existed.
Candace Originally Answered: How to make my life less boring?
OMG you are me in female form. I have Aspergers, small town, used to disappear in the woods on my day off on the farm was a loner until jr. high and drew comics. That's how I first broke out of my anti social mode. I drew Hassles comix which often took popular themes and shows, Mash, Star Trek the Wizard of Oz. Etc. and did them in a mad magazine like format with school people, teachers, students, as characters and school issues worked into the plot. That got me noticed and people actually sought me out for the next issue. Then there was school plays, chorus band and marching band. I was always weird, creative and embraced the wacky side by emulating tv personalities like Hawkeye Pierce etc. Suddenly Aspergers was not the problem but the solution. First I had to accept that I am not and never will be like others. Then I had to not just be OK with it but embrace it. Don't get me wrong, I know what a pain in the aspergers it is but there are quite a few advantages. It's just a matter of perspective and attitude. I even got invited to parties when I made my change in attitude. But to be honest, after the novelty of being invited wore of I went less and less. Being that social not my thing. My point is use what God gave you. Your movies, your obvious intelligence and creativity, to draw people to you. (pun intended) Stop thinking of yourself as afflicted and start thinking of it as a gift with a twist. I bet you are an excellent problem solver and trouble shooter. You will never be normal, a mythical creature at best, but you get some great gifts in exchange. Not being very social does nothing for the yearning to be accepted and respected. Use your movies and any of your other gifts and make a place for yourself rather than just fitting in.
Candace Originally Answered: How to make my life less boring?
I feel your pain. I too went through a similar period when I was fifteen. I didn't have real friends for two years so for that period I was quite miserable and an introvert. I would divert the feeling of loneliness to other things such as homework, reading, and sometimes video games. Any hobby, I would find so that the dark pain of misery would not consume me. Then I joined a club at school and eventually I made friends and was happier. Although, you don't want to hear it, you need to join a club or some sort of group. It helps to join a group of people with a common interest/goal. It establishes an identity for the group, which makes people feel better. Don't have a club at school? Search elsewhere for a group. Why not start your own club or petition for clubs? Find unity in a group to find meaning.

Amaliya Amaliya
Why don't you do a sponsored parachute jump for a charity like a tandem skydive. If you do a tandem skydive you don't need to land you are strapped onto an instructor and he lands for you so you don't run the risk of hurting your legs when you land and you get to jump for free you just have to raise the sponsorship money for the charity. http://www.skydiving.co.uk/ http://www.skylineparachuting.co.uk/
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Amaliya Originally Answered: My life is so boring. I don't know what to do?
It sounds like your parents are really overbearing and that their concept of "protecting" you is really hindering your social life. There isn't a lot you can do about this, but do they know how this is affecting you? If they're not so concerned with your emotional well-being, one thing you could do is to adopt a new hobby. At 13, life can feel incredibly slow and boring, but you can use your free time to your benefit. Pick up a new book series, start an art project (like knitting a scarf or painting), write your own stories, or get into a tv series that you can watch on Netflix. Communicate to your parents that you need social interaction with your friends, and maybe under their supervision they'd allow you guys to hang out. Best of luck.
Amaliya Originally Answered: My life is so boring. I don't know what to do?
Try thinking about the future. Plan what you want to do, and it doesn't have to be work. I used to feel like that, but now I've decided that I will travel the world when I'm old enough. Once you've figured out your goals, try to reach them by planning and preparing yourself for your next step in life. Remember that this part of your life is just another stepping stone to your future. Once you're eighteen, you can move out and decide your own future. Try day dreaming—it gets you out of the moment. I especially like to write stories, because you never know where your imagination can take you. Try out new hobbies and figure out what's best for you. Just know that whatever is happening now won't last forever.

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