Current events help.?

Current events help.? Topic: How to write a current events
July 21, 2019 / By Desirae
Question: so every Monday i have to turn in a current event. (Usually from a newspaper) .. but i already recycled my newspaper from this week.. what site can i go on for up to date events?!
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Camille Camille | 2 days ago
nothing interests people more than other people,writing about hurricane ike is a good idea,however focus on the human interest topics such as those that didn't evacuate and how they need to be saved now,and by whom and how they have to he saved,something else that struck me interesting is that barak Obama chose not to appear on saturday night live because of the ongoing disastersers related to the hurricane,so it shouldn't be so hard to compose something.You can also touch upon the correlation between the frequent hurricanes due to global warming.
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Camille Originally Answered: Current events that have to do with 9/11?
Iraq. Iran. See new law HR1955. To fight terror, the government thinks we need even more laws to invade our privacy. HR1955 is the worst of the lot. It has China-style internet monitoring. The same thing is happening in Europe now. All these laws are about the war on terror. When do we say we are not going to take it any more?

Amabel Amabel
consistent with danger you ought to invite a modern experience question. How approximately - the place have been you at 11 a.m. this morning? that is very modern thinking the day. in my view I in simple terms forget approximately bearing directly to the ranting and as for staring at a query approximately "you comprehend who" i do no longer complication. i'm hoping you nonetheless savour the contributions in spite of the sub heading. (all the foregoing is known approximately and typed in a delightful and upbeat way)
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Vortigern Vortigern
go to ur county newspaper online.. for exaple lets say u live in LA?.. u may want to go to the la times.com or look it up on google.com hope i helped :)
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Vortigern Originally Answered: Can someone help me with current events?
look on yahoo front page when u sign on. there always something about current events on their. I saw for example the jackass Iranian president running his mouth again about how capitalism will see its final days etc. Keep in mind that this guy is building nuke plant. Thats cultural unless u r trying to find something less political. I am sure there is a small article on that. good luck and try not to space out your homework.

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