Things to do tonight?

Things to do tonight? Topic: Doing homework listening to music
July 21, 2019 / By Dervla
Question: I don't know what to do tonight, could you help me? These are some possibilities: -Do homework. -Listen to music -TV -Watch a film -Play with a ball -Go to bed -Yahoo Answers
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Cameron Cameron | 10 days ago
Here are some I usually do at night,or all the time: !)Talk w/ friends 2)Go somewhere.Ex:Anywhere really!Grocery store,mall,park,exc. 3)Yes,you can listen to music 4)Yea,a fav movie 5)Play outside,or look at the clouds 6)Think about...life 7)Dance randomly 8)Play a station game.Ex:Wii,X-Box 360,Kinect,exc. 9)Bake or cook something.Ex:Cookies,Toast,exc. 10)Take funny pictures of myself
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sounds like psychotic depression to me. my friend recently told me he has it. he tells me how he hears things. but only they say mean things to him and call him names. he sees people that are no different from me and you. hes used to it now but you can tell when it happens to him. he will watch them move around. its interesting to me and we talk about it alot. he does get scared sometimes though, it freaks me out just knowing hes seeing something scary. since hes used to it when it scares him i know its legit. ANYWAYS thats what i think it is. also do you think that your thoughts are being heard be everyone? thats also a sign

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