Diet: Water or no water?

Diet: Water or no water? Topic: Fat research articles
July 19, 2019 / By Dervila
Question: I though to loose fat, dont you have to loose water weight first? But I read this thing that said you should drink water to feel full before you eat. Which one is it? Experts say: Start with water "Downing two cups of H2O before meals helped people lose about 5 pounds more than those who said no to water, research from Virginia Tech reveals. Water is filling, so sippers ate 75 to 90 calories less. Enjoy a few cups of water while you prep a meal or before your entrée arrives at a restaurant to effortlessly keep calories in check." -yahoo article
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Cameo Cameo | 9 days ago
No, you don't have to lose water weight to lose fat. It's just that when you first start to lose weight, you will drop more pounds that are the "water weight". So when you stop losing water weight a bit further on in your diet and are just losing fat, the scale shows you losing less. This discourages many dieters, but rest assured you are still really losing fat. Drinking lots of water if very important because it kind of cleans out your system. It takes all the toxins or "bad" things and flushes them out of your system. It does also help you to eat less because water will fill up your stomach and make you feel full faster.
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Alyssa Alyssa
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Vince Vince
When you first begin a diet (and exercise!), you do lose a lot of water. This appears to be a loss of weight, but, it is just the water going, and not the fat. Being well hydrated helps the body, especially when it is losing weight. It does help with that full feeling, it can help transport electrolytes, and, and, and.... So, drinks lots while losing weight.
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Roy Roy
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Mordred Mordred
If you drink more water your body will retain less of it. Though it will keep enough to have you hydrated.
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Keegan Keegan
water. Water will fill your body for a few minutes, but then your body will start eliminating the rest that it doesn't need
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