Poll: wii fitness or a case of silly string?

Poll: wii fitness or a case of silly string? Topic: Case sunshine
July 21, 2019 / By Derryl
Question: It's been a long time since I publicly patted myself on the back for getting Nasty to start an Answers account and since you'll be shopping a lot for the next few weeks, I thought now would be a good time to do so. Just think of how much sunshine she's brought into your otherwise miserable life when you're deciding what to buy me. I asked this question a moment ago but I didn't get the chance to read the 1 answer it got before someone told on me for being awesome. Did you happen to see said answer? If so, what was it? Thanks!
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Camellia Camellia | 8 days ago
Your Answer: INORITE? Finding you and her has been a rad experience. Silly string. Source(s): you can always watch clips of hot chicks in panties doing Wii Fit on YouTube
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Camellia Originally Answered: Is expecting a "thank you" silly in my case (please read)?
You are not owed a thank you. When some one does something for you you say thank you. She gave you a ride to the wedding so you owed here a thank you. You said thank you with a Starbucks gift card the end.

Alyson Alyson
I will send you a case of silly string and a Wii fit, as long as you agree to wear a silly string bikini while you use the Wii fit. Oh, and film it and put it on Youtube like chacha said.
👍 30 | 👎 -1

Vin Vin
I would be put off having a boyfriend period. Including you! I wouldn't mind a clown for a girlfriend if my wife would allow it! Somehow i don't think she is willing to be part of a three ring circus for some reason.
👍 23 | 👎 -10

Rowley Rowley
Well, I don't know about Nasty, but I'd go for the silly string...you can have tons of fun and don't have to worry about any disgusting exercise getting in the way.
👍 16 | 👎 -19

Mordechai Mordechai
I can only afford soggy noodles soaked in last year's Easter egg dye i was in the middle of answering it and stoopid Yahoo was having a coffee break
👍 9 | 👎 -28

Keefe Keefe
She blocked me and violated me in one fell swoop. I didn't even bother appealing, cos I said a *very naughty* word.
👍 2 | 👎 -37

Hebron Hebron
I think you've been inhaling yer dad's alcohol fumes 'cause this don't make sense Ashley. Edit: Oh, I get it.
👍 -5 | 👎 -46

Hebron Originally Answered: For any person that is associated with fitness or exercise: Gym, fitness teacher, doctor, etc. Please help?
I'll try, but it may not be well-written. 1. A staple trend that transcends all areas involving fitness, are quick promise diets, no news there. They've always existed, but recently I've noticed informericals zeroing in on Thyroid regulation medication and more "scientific" approaches towards weight loss with pills that target. As if us idle consumers have been educated enough to realize that the 48 hour cookies and cream diet or other designed foods and plans (such as Atkeins) no longer work as a permanent solution. There has been an increase in more areobic-esque type DVDs and programs, like the HIp Hop abs. Home gym systems seem to be out. 2. First, all resturants and fast foods should be required to post the nutritional facts in the resturant in plain site. I get taht once inside, people aren't going to turn around and say, 1,000 calories, no way, let's go to subway. But it might make them rethink the next trip. The problem of addressing obesity lies not with education, but with providing and promoting alternative activities within the community. Let's face it, parents need to kick their kids off the computer, encourage and participate with them in physical activities of one sort or another. Video games and PCs have become the parent's best babysitter in today's society. People try these quick fix diets, and by law, the government cannot regulate them. But I suspect many try these diet they see on TV and end up giving up after a few weeks. This is discouraging to those who do not take the time to educate themselves on the only vessel they'll have while on this planet. 3. I have no formal education in any area of fitness. Many other areas, but not this one. 4. No, the government should not direct private schools, that is why we have private schools, HOWEVER, those parents who are willing to spend the money to send their kids to these private schools should take an active role and demand some changes. Once again the recurring source of the problem goes back to the parents. Parents who place no value in physical fitness or well being, tend to lead sedentary lives. Spouting off excuses such as, work, chores, etc...This obviously influences the children and the gruesome cycle begins all over again. It is evident that our society, partly through technological advances, can be considered Generation 7 seconds. Everything is NOW! Faster and easier. We're a society that is content with patching up problems instead of resolving them. We are hedonistic, sophomoric, and impatient, unwilling to put forth the necessary effort to obtain anything of substaintial value from planning, dedication, and disclipline. Validation comes cosmetically these days along with an electronic 1040EZ form. We're happy buying the sculpture instead of making it ourselves.

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