What to write in a card, romantic gesture?

What to write in a card, romantic gesture? Topic: How to write a thinking of you card
June 20, 2019 / By Derby
Question: might of hit on a girl i liked to much and its been a good couple of weeks of nothing so when we were good together, i remembered i owed her a chocolate cake so what i plan to do is leave the chocolate cake on her doorstep with a card like on the front 'always thinking of you' or something? but what gets me is to write in the card. did you think i would forget?, i remembered, im sorry how things went between us but i still care? is there any better ones to go for?
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Caltha Caltha | 7 days ago
aww thats a really sweet idea. shes gonna like that. any girl would. thats really thoughtful. and yeah on the card say did you think i would forget? always thinking of you. somehting like that. and then maybe write call me with your number so you guys can hang out and see what happens. i think thatd be a really good idea. good luck!! please answer mine!! http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_ylt=Ai4amPie5.h5nUDURzj28qzsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20091220222604AABsIxi
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Caltha Originally Answered: How do you write a good Romantic drama?
The classic romance is a hero's quest. The Iliad is about the love affair between Paris and the married Queen Helen. It was heroic of them to elope because they ignored the danger. Agamemnon launched a war to get her back, another romantic quest. Romeo and Juliet is so classic it has spawned many retakes of the same story in modern form. The musical West Side Story is one take. I assume you want a simpler story, so why not talk about how Judy is madly in love with Antonio who won't give her the time of day but who can't get the attentions of Isabella? Lots of fodder for dashed hopes in a story like that.

Alysia Alysia
You should try to just say something simple... maybe it'd be better not 2 get a card?? Just a tag wid a phrase on it?? Too much detail might freak her out a lil more :S Maybe: 'with love, from a possibly 2 keen friend' maybe worded a lil differently but make it casual and funny, the gesture of the cake is so the tag shouldn't b 2 deep:S
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Victor Victor
This is best but I would NOT eat a cake which was sitting outside. No matter what. I know you'd cover and seal it. Flowers are much better. Maybe also get a grocery store gift card and she can buy a cake and enjoy it whenever. This inside a letter is good, though: "I'm sorry about the way things went between us but i still care?"
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Rowland Rowland
Go with what your heart says and feel. 1st do not leave the chocolate cake on her door step. Make sure she's at home when you give her the cake and card. That would be more special to her opposed to leaving it on her step. What to write in the card: Hello (her name) I wanted to take the time out to bring the chocolate cake I owe you. It took me some time because I wanted to get my thoughts together. Lately, you have been on m mind. I apologize for any hurt and pain I have caused you, I still care about you. I hope one day you will learn how to forgive me and we could move on and take it day by day. Love, (your name)
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Rowland Originally Answered: How to write a romantic run and kiss scene?
okay ummm i'm doing this from the point of the girl, because thats how i usually write my scenes but you can easily change this up so its in the guys point of view, or in third person or however you like to write :P so here is my example: I saw him from across the field, and couldn't help but smile as I headed towards him. He looked worried, nervous, uptight, I don't know. It was one of those emotions that only he was capable of pulling off, only he could give a name to it. His eyes finally settled on mine, and a huge smile broke out, lighting up his entire face. He dropped his bag and started to hurry towards me, picking up the pace the closer he got. The next thing I knew his arms were around me, pulling me close and holding me tight. "You're okay?" he asked, mumbling into my hair. I could only nod, trying to supress my emotions. He pulled away slightly and smiled down at me, tucking a loose strand of my hair behind my ear. I smiled up at him, and he leaned down, lips brushing against mine. I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled him closer, forgetting everything except for this moment. sooo i don't really know if thats what you wanted but you can use that if you want, or don't. :p hope I helped! :)

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