Do you like my writing? Hate it? please answer?

Do you like my writing? Hate it? please answer? Topic: Kids handwriting paper
July 21, 2019 / By Denice
Question: here is a sample of my writing,,,, it is chick lit made for teen girls, fyi The trash can in my room had hundreds of crumpled papers, all with roughly the same thing scrawled across them in frantic handwriting. Jacob- I'm not going to lie. My life sucked. My mom lost her job, my boyfriend cheated on me, and my best friend was bulimic. But now I could start over. I could be anyone I ever wanted. Like Mr. Evans used to say, if you can dream it, you can be it. I was just starting to settle in here in Bar Harbor. I'm a tough girl, and there are a lot of things that I can cope with. I can deal with being yanked up from high school back in Seattle and being recklessly planted down in Bar Harbor, population 4,280. Even though it kills me, I am surviving the fact that nobody wants to talk to the weird new girl from Seattle. But the thing is, the kids here seem just as diverse as any other school. Some of them seem like they could be broken, too. And I was starting to think that it was a good thing to just lay low for a while. To pretend I was actually normal and not Brooklyn Reena Nedson, The IT girl at school. The one that you loved to watch leading her cheerleaders, the one who was already runner up for Homecoming Queen her Freshman year. The one who you could already see walking across the stage to accept her Prom Queen sash and crown her senior year. It felt good to leave the old Brooklyn in the past, along with her fake nails and white-blonde bleach. So yes, I was doing just fine. Just riding along, pushing all of my secrets down further and further while I faked a smile. If there was one thing my mother taught me, it was that no matter how bad things got, you could always make it with a smile on your face and at least five dollars in your back pocket. I really thought that this move would give me the fresh start that I needed. And then you showed up. You, with your perfectly tan skin . You with those bright green eyes, and you, with a devious smile that showed that you were set on ruining me. Like you were going to make it your life's mission to turn the few people at Bar Harbor High against me who weren't already. Like you finally understood why I had to leave and now you were coming after me. Like you knew what really happened at the Benjamin Franklin High School Sophomore Dance.
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Best Answers: Do you like my writing? Hate it? please answer?

Calida Calida | 3 days ago
whoa thats good! it sounds like something i would read...tell me when u publish it and i will be sure to get it! :D
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Your important answer- The smaller cage the better! They will eventually want to come out of their cage because they will want to explore. If they are new, give them a few days to get used to the surroundings. You should keep the cage opened, to give them options. Budgies are selfish and territorial birds. they are not meant to be held , but you can tame them. At first you should use a glove to get them out of the cage and place them in separate boxes. Then take the gloves off. They will probably give you a lot of hard bites, but the more you act about that, the more they'll do it because they think they have advantage. they way to get them out if first, separate them in boxes or whatever they can stay in. You should buy two cages. One for one, and one for the other. This way they will get used to the owner and not the other bird. Will they eat? They will eat if you give them foods that are meant for them. They will eat if they are alone, from another bird. They will eat after a few days, to get used to the surroundings. They WILL recognize you as their new flock if you separate them. Their purpose is to sing, whistle tunes and sometimes, depending on the bird, it can learn up to 4000 words!!! If you are away, either put some music or television on to keep them entertained. When you get home BE SURE to get them out and give them a treat, they will start to recognize that you are the owner. Good luck
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1. No, you should NOT hold their tails to stop them flying. Get their flight feathers clipped. 2. Well, if you don't want them to be scared of you, a good start would be to stop pulling their tails and chasing them around, wouldn't it? If you want them to behave like you're their friend, you need to start acting like one. Don't force them to do things they don't want to do. Don't grab them or chase them. 3. Keep them away from the kitchen. Not only can fumes be dangerous, it's also a dangerous place because of things they might fly into. If you have any non-stick cookware, either get rid of it, or keep the birds a LONG way away from the kitchen. 4. You can't make them play with their toys. Just leave the toys in the cage. For a week or two the birds will be scared because of their new surroundings. After a while, they'll start to explore the cage and examine the toys. After a few months they'll be climbing and playing like the budgies you see on YouTube. 5. It's good to handle them, but you have to do it with respect for them and what they want. The best thing to do is find a quiet room where the bird can't escape easily, sit in the corner facing the wall, and just sit with the bird on your hand. When it tries to fly away, pick it up and put it back on your hand and go back to just sitting with it. Sing to it, talk to it, or read to it from a book. Eventually the bird will learn that it is safe on your hand, and will stop trying to fly away all the time. After that, you can start doing step-up exercises and training the bird to *like* being on your hand. Also, you can start getting the bird to step onto your hand to be brought out of the cage, rather than your going in and grabbing him. You'll need to experiment to find out what your bird likes as a treat. Our bird's favorite treat is lettuce. He also likes fresh sweetcorn.

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