SO JEALOUS! Did any of you TTCers go through this?

SO JEALOUS! Did any of you TTCers go through this? Topic: How to write application for leave in school
July 21, 2019 / By Deni
Question: Okay, so my husband and I hae been married for 2 years now, and have been ttc for alittle over a year. We cant seem to get pregnant, and though we've seen atleast 5 specialists, no one can seem to figure out why.. After both of us went through ALL of the standard testing twice, my doc started me on Clomid 150 mg. I had seriously lost hope until clomid came along, then after starting Clomid was very hopeful and excited that I might actually conceive. My best friend, who is married and has a child, has been there while Ive gone through all this. When I started the clomid, I was so excited, and told her all about it. She has been having marital problems and I guess decided a child would help solve her marital problems (her son is from a different relationship) and quit taking her birth control. When she told me this I was sort of annoyed, but didnt let her know... Anyway, here it is 5 weeks later and boom! she pregnant! Not only is she pregnant but she made it a point to call me 18 times completely excited and bragging the whole time! She asked me to throw her a baby shower and wants me to go maternity clothes shopping with her... I am soooo frustrated right now! She is my best friend, and I know I should be happy for her, but Im not... I mean she is a great person, but the circumstances for a child couldnt be worse.. Her marriage is falling apart, shes unemployed, low on money, and she doesn't treat the son she has the way a mother should.. She always angry with him, and he's only 4.. Plus, they live in a one bedroom apartment and their four year old sleeps on the couch. Im angry that all she has to do is stop taking her bc to conceive, and for all the wrong reasons! My husband and I have a great marriage, a wonderful living situation, can provide physically, emotionally, and financially for a child, but no matter what we do we cant get pregnant! Its just not fair at all! To top it off, the Clomid is not working for me like it should, and I feel like she is just rubbing it in my face every chance she gets, when she didn't even want another child, ever, until 5 weeks ago! I feel completely betrayed, and Im so jealous and angry with her! Has anyone else gone through this, or is it just me? I feel like a bad person, but I cannot help the way I feel! How do I face her? How can I get past this? ty all for your understanding and support! I have been on clomid x2 months, at the highest dose of 150 mg, but I still am not ovulating. My doctor tells me the next step is exploratory surgery.
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Caleigh Caleigh | 2 days ago
Your "best" friend is being very cruel to you. You have strong feelings about this, as well you should. Trying to conceive without success carries the same rate of depression as people diagnosed with terminal illnesses (really.) She is very wrong to expect you to dance in her debacle. I would encourage you to write a very careful and clear letter to her. Remind her that you value the friendship you share, but that you are deeply hurt by her actions and wished that she would have considered more than her own feelings before getting pregnant. Remind her that you have been trying for a long time and you feel that her attempts to include you in her joy leave you feeling empty, jealous, left out, angry, and betrayed. Explain to her that right now you could use a lot more support from your friend and being asked you provide yours to her instead feels beyond what you are capable of. Finish the letter and be as diplomatic as possible, though you are hurting, remember your friend is A) pregnant and probably sensitive, and B) probably very frightened about the real stress this baby is going to put on her finances and marriage (if she has any intelligence.) Wait 24 hours and re-read the letter to see if you still agree with what it contains. If you do, send it to her. It will represent you and your true feelings better than you will be able to do in person. My next advice to you is wait. My aunt and uncle were on their third round of chlomid, feeling lost and hopeless. They started to fill out adoption applications when they discovered that they were pregnant. Shortly thereafter they got pregnant again. Now they have two very well educated, loved and high-school graduates, one at a University and the other preparing to attend a University. My husband and I spend 9 months trying to conceive and the specialists could find nothing wrong with us. Meanwhile, three women in my office became pregnant. Every time my period came, I would have to leave the office. I could not hold myself together seeing their growing bodies and feeling like mine had failed me again. Finally it was my turn! It can and will happen to you too. I know many people that go through years of treatment and never know why, since nothing is wrong. I do know how very hard this can be. I will say a prayer for you that your family will take hold inside you and that it will happen sooner rather than later. May you not be one of those couples that tries for years, and may your next-time around be 100% easier! Your friend is being very selfish and dismissive with your feelings. If you mean to preserve the friendship, you absolutely must tell her how you feel. Best of luck, in all you seek to accomplish.
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Alycia Alycia
You are not a bad person at all do not think that. When you are struggling to get your BFP it is very distressing to see everyone around you be pregnant. It is only natural to feel like that. You should talk to your friend. Tell her you are happy for her, but you would appreciate it if she would be more sensitive to your situation. Tell her you cannot throw her shower unless you are pregnant too because it is just to hard. If she is a real friend she should understand how you feel. How long have you been on Clomid? I was on Clomid 2x and got a BFN. When my OB added estrogen to the mix (to beef up the CM) I got my positive. Also, you shouldn't be on it more than 4-5 months. Its antiestrogen effects thin your uterine lining making it even more difficult to get pregnant. If you have been on it for 4-5 months, ask your Dr about moving you up to injectable meds.They are more potent. I am sorry you are going through this, I really hope you get your BFP soon. After I lost Maddy I hated every pregnant woman. I could not be around them at all. The worst is when I saw a pregnant lady at walmart smoking a cig. I wanted to scream.
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Verne Verne
Oh dear! You have every right to feel the way you do about this. But try to remember that while she is being very insensitive to you right now, it is your best friend and presumably there is a lot of history there. Your best bet is try to take the high road and when things calm down a bit you and her grab a bite to eat and you share with her that you felt a bit hurt by her actions. You don't need to remind her that she didn't want another child. All that changes when you find out your pregnant so that will not mean much to her and it could just get the conversation going in a pissy direction. Better to tell her in a few weeks how you feel and ask her to please keep that in mind as she is going through this exciting period of her life.
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Rorie Rorie
Well I have a similar situation. THE DAY after my husband and I started ttc I found out that my best friend is pregnant. Her pregnancy was kind of an "accident" but they were very excited in the beginning and now here we are 4 months later no pregnancy for me and she is started to realize that this is going to be a huge burden on their already stressful lives. We aren't telling anyone that we are trying to get pregnant and she calls me and tell me how frustrated she is that she got pregnant and whatever I do, WAIT. It angers me a lot to see someone have what I want and NOT be happy about it. But for me, this is where my faith steps in and I am reminded that Gods plan is much greater than my own. That his timing is perfect and I have nothing to worry about because it is all in his hands!
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Montague Montague
I understand what you are going through, because I am in the same boat. we are trying to conceive every since I got married (2 years). And finally I got pregnant last year nov but I miscarried and my sister in law, on purpose informed us that she is pregnant the same day. I went through DNC and ttc again since then and now she already has a month old son and I am still there. On top of that in my office five ladies are pregnant and two of them never wanted it. This makes me very frustrated and jealous of them all. They are always bragging about their pregnancy experiences like how it feels when baby kicks and stuff like that. It’s almost every day that I cry. But I guess its not in our hands and the worst part is that my sexual desires has also gone dawn don’t feel like doing it any more. Every time my husband tries to touch me, I am like “stay away from me, don’t touch” which is also ruining our relationship. It’s so wired some people, who don’t want it, get it in just one night stand and for some it takes forever.
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totes hes obviously trying to make you jealous, either he is making up the girl or she is real and he is flaunting it in your face... in which case he is using her

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