How can this garbage pass for science?

How can this garbage pass for science? Topic: Science article review
July 19, 2019 / By Dena
Question: http://www.creationresearch.org/crsq/art... I mean, seriously.... they have: numbers, equations, calculations, experiments, and data sets! It even looks like it was peer reviewed! This is an outrage and must be banned an once! Check the link and share your disgust! Ok, seriously now... all trolling and attempts of using reverse psychology aside... It is very well presented, and they have data that leads to a solid conclusion. What more do you guys want? Has anyone actually read the article? Why do instantly assume that this is bad science? Is it because of the source of the science or is it the conclusion that they reach? What if it was an atheist scientist who did the study? Would he be required to toss out the results?
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Calanthia Calanthia | 1 day ago
Having read the piece, it's written by someone who is hoping it's never going to be analysed. Hint, it deals with the decay of Zirconium over time within Zirconia crystals, but then goes on to talk about the decay of Uranium to Lead within those crystals (there is no Uranium within Zirconia crystals, fi there is then it becomes the decay or Uranium that you would be measuring and not Zirconium). That's just the start, trying to perform a line by line analysis on this drivel makes my head hurt! I never understand why anyone would spend so much time posting this sort of falsehood, they must be deliberately trying to confuse and mislead people, but they must realise if they can't prove a point without lying then maybe it's time they gave up!
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He needs to write a letter to the editor of the journal which published the plagiarized material, a letter to the editor of the journal from which it was stolen, and a letter to his professional associations, national and international. The letter should contain complete documentation of the incident. Such behaviour is not tolerated in science.

Alyce Alyce
I read the first paragraph and could read no more. The only contribution that these people can make to science is as a case study for psychologists. These people are liars. Ken Ham is a liar. Ray comfort is a liar. Any professional proponent of creationism is a liar. (By professional proponent, I'm talking about people who make large sums of money out of gullible fools, that buy into their snake oil products)
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Vern Vern
Creationist authors know they can fool their scientifically illiterate audience by putting lots of buzz words and equations in their articles. They know perfectly well that the intended audience won't understand it and won't be able to see what's wrong with it. That's why they don't want their kids learning science. They want to be able to peddle their BS freely to people who don't understand a word of it.
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Ronny Ronny
It doesn't. Update: I looked through the 'report', and would just like to say that they deserve congratulations. They've discovered the helium diffusion rate through Zirconium crystals. But, that's about it. They haven't really proven anything.
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Moise Moise
"very well presented" does not mean its accurate. Yes, I read the article. You can roll dog poop in powdered sugar, still doesn't make it a jelly donut.
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