Learning Korean, good idea?

Learning Korean, good idea? Topic: Learn write letter french
July 15, 2019 / By Demi
Question: Hi, i'm 16 years old and I really want to learn Korean. I speak English and Dutch fluently. ( Write and read too.) I speak a little Papiamento ( Dutch Antilles), French and German too. I understand Spanish quite well, although I suck at speaking it. So, is learning Korean a smart thing for me? Is it difficult? I already read it a bit, I don't know what the words mean but I can pronounce a word by looking at the letters. I'm going in on Vocabulary now and later on grammar. tso, Good idea? thx :P
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Calanthe Calanthe | 10 days ago
I don't know.. Of course, if it is only for fun, it will be ok to learn korean. But, if you learn Korean for being interpreter or working, I want to prevent you from learning it. Of course I am Korean, but you know, there is no language whose letter is similar to Korean, and Korean is not developed country such as Japan. I didn't advise you not to learn Korean, but think of it. Nowadays, the number of foreign learning Korean increased rapidly. I am happy to hear you like to learn Korean. I hope my advice helps.
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Calanthe Originally Answered: Are there any free korean learning sites?
http://www.infocobuild.com/language/korean/korean.html This contains many online resources that can help you learn Korean. You can learn Korean grammar, vocabulary, and useful expressions.

Alvina Alvina
Learning something new is always a good idea. Don't let anyone stop you from learning things from the world. Educate yourself with knowledge and be successful when you grow up. Can you learn grammar while looking at letters? I am studying Korean at the moment using this online resource. I hope it can help you too.
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Vergil Vergil
if you have a use for it, either you enjoy Korean media or want to visit Korea. Keep in Mind that Korean is a unique language and will not translate into skills for other languages. I myself would like to learn Korean because i enjoy Korean tv shows, try catching some of them on KBS world, most of the shows are subtitled in English, so this would help with your decision.
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Ronnie Ronnie
I'd say go for it. I wish I could speak other languages than English, but due to time constraints, monetary, etc. I've not had the opportunity. They tell me each language you learn is easier to pick up than the last, so I see no reason why learning Korean should be too difficult for you.
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Moe Moe
http://www.infocobuild.com/language/korean/korean.html Yes, learning Korean is fun and interesting. The site above contains many good online resources that can help you learn Korean.
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Kasey Kasey
Korean is a very easy language to learn & it would be cool if you learned it because not very many people in America do and it excites Korean people when you know it :) cheers. ~Kristabelle
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Haward Haward
you would watch korean dramas and films. i style of picked up a couple of terms from looking. =) plus, you additionally get the believe on methods to say matters with particular types of intonation and expression.
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