What can I do to prepare myself for 7th grade?

What can I do to prepare myself for 7th grade? Topic: homework for year 7
June 26, 2019 / By Delta
Question: I am a boy of 12 years old and going into 7th grade. I need to know if there are any books or websites that help me prepare for the 7th grade. I want to do good and need to study hard. If there are any other tips that you can give me about 7th grade I would appreciate it. Thanks!
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Caitlyn Caitlyn | 8 days ago
Frankly, you don't need special learning books or anything as long as you understood the majority of sixth grade. The only thing to remember academically? Do your homework. That is the key to success, because the year is probably one of the least stressful if you ask for help and complete your work on time.
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Caitlyn Originally Answered: I'm in the seventh grade, and I need some tips, guidelines, and help to prepare for college?
Well -- A lot of this answer will be opinion of the answerer. During the course of responding to these various questions I'll try to note when I throw in facts vs. Opinions Regarding your desired degrees: There are two ways to pick a college, you can pick a college you want to go to and take the courses/degree plans they offer. OR you can research colleges to find which ones have the best programs in the areas you want to study. You have to make a value judgment here since you have to decide which is more important to you -- the program or the college. I'd research to see which colleges have the best programs for the degree areas you are interested in, then compare those with Berkley. There is no rush on this since you won't be starting applications until Junior and Senior Year of high school Regarding going there at least a school year and getting a bachelors degree: In general, you will need 4 years to complete a BA degree in any field. If you are a triple major (Astronomy, justice, business) you will likely need 5. Although it CAN be done in 4, you will find you don't have time left to enjoy your college life. In regards to preparing for college: Good grades are important for getting into college, but they don't mean much once you get there. Here are some skills you will need to have if you want to do well in college (My opinion of most important skills) -- 1. Study skills -- You need to be able to read material and fully comprehend its meaning. Depending on your professor, many will not explain the readings to you. You have to be able to absorb meaning on your own without direct support. 2. Writing -- You will never make it through college if you can not write a paper. What you have to understand here (and what many college students never fully understand and therefore get low grades) is that what you do in middle school/junior high and mostly in High School as well is not writing a paper. Generally what you are doing in High school and below is summarizing information that other people have already determined. In college writing, you have to set a premise and argue your point clearly so that any reader will agree with your conclusion. DO NOT worry about this part yet, in your current level you need to concentrate on the technical aspects of writing (Being able to quickly compose flowing sentences with proper grammar/spelling/structure). When you get to High School though, if you really want to prepare for college tell your English teacher that and tell them you want help writing at the college level. Most will be happy to help you. If you have those two skills (Opinion statement) You will be in good shape for college. The rest of college is just having the discipline to do it since you won't have parents around to make you. Regarding prices of colleges: This is different for every college. The good news is, they have websites! Go to the websites of colleges you are interested in and they will almost always have a breakdown of what the average student spends per semester on tuition, housing, books, fees, etc. This link will show you the pricing at Berkley: http://registrar.berkeley.edu/Registration/feesched.html#undergrad Regarding paying for college -- You will find that almost no one has the money to pay for college. What most people have is a combination of their families money (College fund, etc), work income (Either work/study programs on campus or a full fledged job), and tuition assistance/scholarships. If you are concerned about this, I'd suggest once you are 16 and can work, take a summer job. Don't spend the money, save it! This will be a big help to get started. During the school year, keep your grades up! Colleges look at your GPA from 9th grade through 12th grade. If you maintain a 4.0 GPA, you will almost certainly be able to get some type of scholarship of financial aid. There is also FAFSA (Federal Application for Free Student Aid) which is asking the government for scholarship assistance. You can also take out a "Student Loan" where the bank will give you enough money to attend college and you don't have to pay them back until you graduate. Another option is the military -- ROTC scholarships pay up to 100% of your college fees (Including meal plan, housing, books and tuition). In exchange you serve 4 years in the military as an officer. The other bonus to this system is that you are guaranteed a job immediately after college at the management level. Depending on which branch of service you choose you would be managing between 5 and 50 people within a month of leaving school. When your four years are up, that is GREAT on your professional resume. Regarding Community Colleges -- I've never attended one so I can't give you a lot of information here (Sorry). In general these tend to be smaller and cheaper colleges. In most cases they still have high standards, but they generally offer far fewer options for four year degrees. One thing they are good for though, is that you can take classes in the summer (Generally once you reach 9th grade you can get summer courses approved at a community college). This will be great as it will both introduce you to the college environment AND let you get some of your general credits out of the way (Low level English/math requirements, etc). I hope this helped, good luck in your college years -- but don't waste high school away. Learn everything you can, if your teachers don't challenge you, spend time reading and studying on your own. That's the best thing you can do for yourself
Caitlyn Originally Answered: I'm in the seventh grade, and I need some tips, guidelines, and help to prepare for college?
if you are low income and your family can't contribute, then you will get a better financial aid package. obviously state schools (uc berkeley) are cheaper than private schools (standford). community colleges are even cheaper. but if you want a ba, you will have to transfer into a university anyway. i would suggest that you start taking the most difficult courses you can right now. see if you can take courses that will give you high school credit. then when you get to high school, attend the most academically competitive high school in your area. they will be the feeder school for the best universities. when you go to high school, see if you can take dual credit courses with a local community college. dual credit means that you get college credit while also satisfying high school requirements. for astronomy, you will need a lot of physics and math. for social justice, you should start committing a lot of time towards community activism. start an organization or start working for an organization you really respect. you're too young to be worrying about the money. loans and grants cover the costs while you attend school. focus on your grades, taking difficult courses, preparing for the sat and being involved in a lot of extra curricular activities.

Alva Alva
I am going into 7th, too. What I'm doing to prepare is reading the books and do the work from the books. During the school year you can take a lot of notes and make outlines for each subject.
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Vance Vance
its usually pretty easy. not really a stressfull uyear but at most schools theres a lot of essays in 7th grade. so youll need to prepare for that
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Vance Originally Answered: When looking at your transcript in high school, does each induvidual grade matter or just final grade?
Is this the official transcript that you're looking at? Generally, it won't show individual test scores, simply the overall grade achieved in the class. If this is the official transcript, then yes, they will see it. Will they care? Probably not. Generally, grades and other test scores are used to automatically toss our students that are too low for the school. Those who just make the pass in grades will receive a lot of scrutiny on their essay and other entries; those who overwhelmingly succeed in that part will not be looked at too closely past that. For example, anyone with below a 2.5 GPA might be tossed out to start with. Everyone from 2.5-3.0 has to show excellence on the essay and recommendations. Everyone from 3.0-3.5 needs a good essay and recommendations. Everyone from 3.5-4.0 needs a decent essay and recommendations. They don't care what classes you took (though they might distinguish between honors and non-honors courses) beyond that you took the basic classes required (4 years of english, 4 years of math, 3 years of science, etc.; whatever that school requires). You might get asked about it when you interview. Be ready with an answer.

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