What is the best vehicle for a college student?

What is the best vehicle for a college student? Topic: What are some good reasons for homework
June 26, 2019 / By Delphine
Question: i will be entering college this year and i am looking for a safe car and one that gets good gas mileage. also considering i will be in college it cant be to costly. i have heard that the honda civic is the number one choice but i just wanted to get some opinions. thanks
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Cailyn Cailyn | 7 days ago
I would suggest a Saab or Volvo but once the warranty expires, prepare to shell out big bucks for service and repairs (especially on a Saab). My 9-5 Aero gets excellent mileage (21 city and 30+ highway using 93 octane gas) and is akin to a street-legal tank when it comes to impact -- trust me. Otherwise, a Honda would be excellent for a college student. Check out the safety features on each model and do some homework to see what the IIHS says and how it ranks with reviewers. Really though, there's a reason they are so popular. You can find dozens of other new cars for that price but the Civic sells so well because it has the whole package.
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Alphonsine Alphonsine
The Honda Accord is #1 not the civic. Honda Toyota and Subaru rated top there in four door sedan class.. I looked at all of them. In the 30 MPG up group. For the money I like the Hyundai Sonata. More room inside and trunk. Well known good maint rep. good rebates. Take a look.
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Van Van
Chevy Aveo, this little car is loaded with options. Standard a/c, mp3 player, driving lites, too many to list. Gas mileage is excellent, 13$ for every 100M gas price being 1.49 per lit
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Roman Roman
Get you a motorcycle if at all possible! You can park just about anywhere and they get about 50 to 60 miles per gallon! That way you are saving money you could use for more important things and the price of gas won't take it all!
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Mitchell Mitchell
yeah honda civic is pretty good... i have the hybrid one though. but i also think honda fit is pretty good since it's small and save gas.
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