What do u think of my story so far?

What do u think of my story so far? Topic: New york city travel writing courses
June 20, 2019 / By Delora
Question: There I was, New York City, 5th avenue, walking down 56th street. All I could think about right then was my family, and a bite to eat, if there was anyone around. Houses are gone. Shops are gone. Almost everything around me is gone. There is nobody left, for all I know, it's just me. Thats my story so far. Well this is what the story is going to be about: There is a huge tital wave that hits new york city, way into the future, the year 3020. and their are only two people left. This girl that i just mentioned in my story, and a guy, about the same age as her. they have to sacrifice everything they have left and in the process, they end up falling in love with each other, and eventually start evolution all over again. what do you think? am i a good writer? im 13 years old. and they both think they are the only ones left, but they up meeting each other, and sacrifice everything they can to stay alive
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Cadence Cadence | 2 days ago
Sounds okay. You had me hooked with the first paragraph, though. I love stories where the world's about to end. I would read this, but here are some holes I found. Why would they have to start evolution again? If a tidal wave hits New York City, that's about 8 million people dead out of a 7 billion population. So there's still 6,992,000,000 people left in the world. And that's just if it were to happen in 2011. I suppose there would be more people killed because of the earthquake that caused the tidal wave, but that would have to be one heck of a big earthquake. I posted a link to a map of tectonic plates so you can see where the earthquake might be. Also, in a thousand years, wouldn't they have developed better building structures to with stand tidal waves? They'd have better technology, too. So, I would assume if the typical teenager (which is how old I guess the girl is) cannot survive very well in that situation, how about a future teenager? Also, if NYC was destroyed, what would they have to sacrifice? You say they sacrifice everything to say alive, but what do they have? All they would have to do is travel to where the rest of civilization is and -BAM- they're saved! I like how they fall in love, though. From what I get from your paragraph, you're an excellent writer. i like your plot, it's really good. You just need to think of another way for the world to end. Maybe the sun flares and flash-fries everyone on Earth. I don't know how your characters would survive, though... The moon could crash into the Earth. That'd kill a lot of people. Of course it's getting farther and farther away from Earth as we speak. I once read a book called "Life As We Knew It" and it's where a comet crashed into the moon and sent it closer to Earth. It didn't crash, but the tides were altered and submerged the coasts. The gravity from the moon was much stronger now, so it pulled the magma out of the Earth through volcanoes. So all the world's volcanoes erupted at the same time. The soot from the eruptions stayed in the air and covered the entire Earth. That made everything so much colder. Below zero in the middle of June, I think. Maybe you could come up with something like that. Anyway, I love your writing style and your plot idea. So, good luck!
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