Where on the Internet can I buy a tactical rifle/shotgun?

Where on the Internet can I buy a tactical rifle/shotgun? Topic: What does a good business plan contain
June 26, 2019 / By Dellma
Question: I'm 18, live in Texas, am an eagle scout trained in first aid, CPR, life saving, gun control, safe gun handling, I hunt very often, and have my hunters safety certification. I am MORE than qualified to handle weapons. Texas laws state that 18 and up can purchase a shotgun, and depending on store owner rules, 18 or 21 for rifle. Now that that part is out of the way, let's get to the question. I'm looking at purchasing a tactical rifle or shotgun (Red Jackets stuff is right down my alley by the way) and I'd like to know where would be the absolute best place to purchase one of these. I've been looking at the following sites: http://www.redjacketfirearms.com/ http://www.cabelas.com/catalog/search.cmd?form_state=searchForm&N=0&fsch=true&Ntk=AllProducts&Ntt=Tactical+rifle+&x=0&y=0&WTz_l=Header%3BSearch-All+Products http://search.gandermountain.com/?Ns=p_image_sort%7c1%7c%7cp_avg_review_score%7c1&Ne=1000&N=1759&cname=Centerfire-Rifles I'm a first time buyer. Never owned a gun before except the ones my father owns for me. I'm going off to college this fall and will be living in an apartment by myself. There's a ton of crazy people and I just want that extra security. That being said, should I purchase online, or in store? I need to know what credentials and info I need when purchasing the rifle/shotgun, and whatever else you may think will deem helpful. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks a bunch!
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Burgundy Burgundy | 10 days ago
Tactical: (adj) a word used by firearm and firearm accessory manufacturers to sell overpriced junk to unsuspecting newbies. You don't need anything "tactical." Get a 12 gauge shotgun, preferably a pump, and with a relatively short barrel. If you plan on using the gun to hunt someday, or that might be a possibility, you have two options: 1) Get something with a decent length barrel. A 24" barrel will let you hunt without being quite as long as, say, a 28" barrel. 2) Get a "kit" that contains a home defense barrel and a smoothbore field barrel. Both options are available in a Remington 870 or a Mossberg 500. Safety placement is better on a Mossberg 500, though, so that's what I'd suggest. Tang safety versus triggerguard safety- a triggerguard safety requires that you move your finger off the trigger to prepare the gun to fire. A tang safety only requires you to move your thumb. A rifle is NOT the wise choice for you for self-defense. Any rifle larger than .22LR has the potential to put a bullet right through your assailant and probably through several interior walls, especially in an apartment complex. Choose a shotgun with 00 buckshot or #4 buckshot (not #4 birdshot- there IS a difference). Personally, I would use 00 buck, because there will be less projectiles flying around, and even #4 will punch through drywall and keep going. EDIT: Oops, forgot to answer part of your question! Buy in the store. Buying online is hit-or-miss, for various reasons. If you aren't experienced in buying firearms, you're always better off buying from a gun shop. Being able to hold a gun and shoulder it is a good thing- you need to know that the gun you're buying fits you. Not only that, but buying online isn't necessarily cheaper. Online purchases must be shipped to a Federal Firearms License dealer, and they will charge you to take delivery. Some will charge anywhere from $50-$150 to do so (usually around $50), so if you found the gun you want for $20 less online, you're still going to pay more. And finally, supporting the "little guy" is never a bad thing! Locally-owned businesses are on the decline in this country because of "big box" stores, and because of internet dealers. Help a mom-and-pop out; buy locally. If you find a local gun shop that you like, they will often order something for you without charging extra, as well. For example, if they have a model of gun that you like, but don't have the chambering you want, they will often order for you without charging you anything. They're also much more likely to negotiate on prices.
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Burgundy Originally Answered: Need help finding a tactical soft shotgun case?
Running the manufacturer's name through a google search found a 42 inch case like that one http://www.voodootactical.net/p-28-42-inch-molle-soft-padded-padded-weapons-case-with-backpack-straps.aspx

Allissa Allissa
Some buy them for the collectibility or historical significance of the rifle; some variants of the M1 Garand were capable of selective fire. And I suppose there will always be people who buy things just because it looks good. Some buy them because in terms of semi-auto rifles, they are still more reliable and in some cases more accurate than semi-auto of other types. An AK47 would still fire long after something like a Browning semi jams up. Any AR would easily be more accurate than the typical civilian hunting semi-autos. Don't let the BS from Hollywood fool you. Full-auto fired from a rifle or SMG are notoriously inaccurate, that's why many modern military rifles have the 3-round burst to limit the amount of ammo that's wasted. If I don't have a FFL and want something reliable and accurate, but not a shotgun I would go with a tactical rifle.
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Uziah Uziah
Why after reading your list of boasts do I get a picture of American news announcing that to day An American Eagle scout goes postal in a small town!
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Rohan Rohan
In your description of your self, you left out that you are a few fries short of happy meal. Did you ever see the video of the DEA agent bragging that he was the only one in the room qualified to handle a Glock a few seconds before he shot him self in the foot? It sounds like a redjacket firearm would be right up your alley. Have you seen the TV show? Academy sells redjacket stuff too if that is what you want.
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Milburn Milburn
To buy firearms off the internet you need to either be an FFL holder or have an FFL holder (like a gun shop) will to takke shipment of the gun for you
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Milburn Originally Answered: If you were to have a gun in your truck, would you have a shotgun or a rifle?
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