What Should I Wear On My Date To Wonderland?

What Should I Wear On My Date To Wonderland? Topic: Case seat plans
July 15, 2019 / By Della
Question: okay so originally we were going to the ROM, so I could wear my nice boots, and actually look stylish. Plans changed and now he's taking me to WONNDERLAND! I haven't been there in ages and we'll be riding roller coasters all day, so what should I wear that is stylish but still like smart wear because we'll be there all day out in the sun. I was thinking skinny jeans and simple flatts, not my boots, right?? And for my shirt...a simple t-shirt??? Should I take my cellphone and purse ...I DO NOT want to take a fanny pack, but should I bring my purse?
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Bunty Bunty | 9 days ago
Wear pants or else your legs will stick to the seat. Wear a top that won't fly up or be see through when wet. Don't wear shoes that slide off easily, you may loose them. Bring your wallet with identification and more than $40 but less than $100. If you don't bring your cell phone, bring change in case you need to use a pay phone in an emergency. No iPods, no make up case, travel light. Have fun.
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Allison Allison
Most of the rollercoasters and rides have areas where you can safely store your belongings. Vortex is one ride that doesn't have this feature and you'll have to either hang on to your bag/purse or store it on the floor of the vehicle. It may sound silly but don't wear high heels either...some rides have signs specifically warning that you can't wear them. Also, Canada's Wonderland isn't responsible for any lost or stolen items, so be careful!
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Uzia Uzia
Jeans, cute top, probably smart because of sun maybe dark in case you go on a water ride, like a log ride and get splashed... Shoes like converse or something like that. Take a tiny backpack - cute - not like a fanny pack - but still enough for sun cream and maybe other necessaries. I'd say don't take your phone - you're on a date! Best of luck on your date my dear!
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