What is so hard about using protection?

What is so hard about using protection? Topic: Encase something happens
July 21, 2019 / By Delilah
Question: I keep reading all these questions about young people worrying about if they're preganant and all this. With all the information out there about STD's and pregnancy, why are people still not using protection?? Don't they have sex ed in school anymore? Don't parents talk to their kids about sex anymore? USE PROTECTION!! (Sorry I'm just frustrated with all the stupidity)
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Buffy Buffy | 7 days ago
um my health teacher actualy gave us free condoms so its not that hard to get them u can buy them and basicly its better to have one on hand just encase something happens it dosent make u sleezy for haveing one with u on a date its better to be safe than sorry.
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Buffy Originally Answered: Apple macbook protection?
First off, a lot of people get the incase, so that would be a pretty good bet. They do get scratched (i have same comp with no protection) but if you just use an alcohol pad to clean the dirt pretty often you can keep it looking very good! Second, for the people above, i used to be just like you about hating macs and pro windows and all that jazz. made fun of my friends with macs. I decided to get one, changed my life, i ended up getting a job at an apple store and am now an apple technician. Apple is amazing. Windows doesn't come close. You will realize that sooner or later. Have fun using your 9 year old operating system while i use mine that came out last week.

Allie Allie
I don't know, ask my 4 year old daughter when she gets a little bit older about how she was conceived because her mommy and daddy did it like rabbits without using protection. I'm not promoting unsafe sex, but sometimes good things can come from it, like in my case.
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Uz Uz
Protection takes something out of the thrill of the orgasm, and most kids, as well as many adults, when they are feeling hot and horny are only thinking of that moment of instant bliss, without giving consideration to the long term consequences.
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Rodger Rodger
I agree. Having sex carries responsibly esp. if you are doing it outside of wedlock. Protection is necessary; esp. with STDs! Just b/c he is your boyfriend now, doesn't mean you are getting married (esp. the teenagers!)
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Midian Midian
THATS SO SIMPLE cuz withought protection it feels BANGIN!! lolz it so much better u get way more pleasure from it and i hate using condoms it feels so bad lol specially da thick ones and withought condom wow u just enjoy it a whole lot better but i know i agree with u with all this aids and stuff its kinda scary yet idk y i still do it
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well. she is probably one of those girls that don't know how to forgive and move on but hey how am i to judge her but from what u tell me she is a nut case

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