Can I still file a to my Ex-Employer for firing me unfairly after 3 years?

Can I still file a to my Ex-Employer for firing me unfairly after 3 years? Topic: How to write a check to an attorney
July 21, 2019 / By Delight
Question: At the time I was only 17, and I was working at a fast food place. It was a slow day and finally my shift was over. The manager had counted the money from my register along with the others, and as I was cleaning my area the manager screams the money is missing. The cashier's started looking for the money and it was nowhere to be found, not even in the safe. So the cashiers and I kept insisting to call the police, in the same moment the head manager walks in with another worker and we explain to them the situation. All of the staff was checked in their personel belonings and clothing if the money was with them, but nothing. We kept insisting to the manager's to call the police. But no one did, at that time my shift was over for almost an hour and my mother was there to pick me up, and I explained to her why I could not leave. She offered the manager to call the police and she said no. My mother asked the manager if it was ok with me to leave, having already searched my beloging and myself and so did some other member's of the staff. The next day, me along with 3 other form the same shift were questioned by the district manger's of the company. They kept yelling at me and asking me where was the money and telling me I had motive. The reason sopposedly I had motive was because I crashed my friend's car and messed up her bumper no big deal, I could have taken care of the problem with 3 of my paychecks thats why I was working. Then the managers told me to put in writing of wht had happend that day, so I did. From there they asked me why I was not there when the police were there? I told them I was not aware that the police were called, and that I had told the managers to call the police when I was there and that they told me and my mother that it was ok to leave!!!! They got mad and said to me all this crap that I was lying and that I needed to stay regardless. I was crying the whole time asking them to speak to my mother because she knew what the managers had to me and her that it was OK to go home!!!! Finally they told me I was supended and I was going to get called I was to come back or not. I got called to get my last paycheck and that I was terminated. In addition I was not there for long and my friend who got mw the job and among others had suspect the store manager to have stolen the money 3 times before calling it a robery using her lover (she was married by the way) who worked there along someone else to steal the money for her. But the managers never thought of putting cameras in the place...Hmmm Go figure! I think its a buch of crap. Now everytime I get a background check this follow me and affects me. Now I was just a kid trying to graduate High school why would I steal?? I meant, How can I file a complaint with the company for firing unfairly? What can I do to clear my record so my future employers don't think I'm a thief when I'm not!!!
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Best Answers: Can I still file a to my Ex-Employer for firing me unfairly after 3 years?

Bryanne Bryanne | 5 days ago
In my experience, in most states, you have up to 2 years to file a civil lawsuit, under most circumstances. I would contact an attorney and just ask them that question. Most will give you simple, brief advice over the phone for free.
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Bryanne Originally Answered: File a complaint against employer?
You have no case. It is not your employer's responsibility to look after your personal belongings. Your employer's responsibility is to comply with all labor laws. Your employer is not a bailor (a person or organization that holds your goods in its custody). Imagine the precedent this would set if anyone could sue any place in which their belongings were stolen. Any place of business would be legally liable for any goods stolen out of their premises. Theoretically, a business could be sued for goods stolen on the premises without even being aware that the goods were on the premises in the first place. That would be crazy. Your best bet is to secure your personal belongings elsewhere if you don't want this to happen again - such as in the trunk of your car, an employee locker, or something similar.
Bryanne Originally Answered: File a complaint against employer?
GOOD GRIEF ................. NO, you can't file a complaint and you can't sue. That is RIDICULOUS ... you have NO CASE. I'm sorry your purse and phone was stolen, but you have NO claim against your employer, the police, the city, the federal govt ... No ONE. It could have been someone you made mad for all we know .. HOW is your employer responsible for this? If you had concerns about your personal belongings, then it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to safeguard them ... NOT your employer's. LOCK them in your car truck or leave them home if you are concerned about them. What would you do if your purse or cell phone was stolen at Church; sue the Pastor???????
Bryanne Originally Answered: File a complaint against employer?
write 5-6 anonymous letters to his superiors and his colleagues..... ie is in lighter vein go to grievances forum ombudsman and do the needful

Alleen Alleen
If a individual makes extra desirable than a definite volume, then he or she is had to report. besides the shown fact that, the penalty for failure to report on time is as a rule constrained to a definite proportion of what the guy could have owed if he or she had filed on time; if he or she could have won a refund, then he can wait as long as he or she needs without a penalty (different than no longer receiving the refund). you are able to and could ask a baby help enforcement organization to garnish his wages.
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Alleen Originally Answered: How can I file a discrimination claim? I was rejected by an employer after I sent my signed offer?
If you are in the US, a conditional offer of employment is what you describe. An offer letter is not a guarantee of a job, only an offer. Your signature on that letter is not a guarantee that you will take the job, only that you accept the terms of employment - and want the job. Regarding the distance from work, that can be a red flag if it was something that was brought up several times. Generally, an employer would not be concerned with where you live - but only your ability to preform the job well. Your commute is your problem, not theirs. So if you feel you were denied a job based on where you live, consider talking to the government office in your state that oversees employment law and ask about screening based on distance from the job site and see what they have to say. Lastly, if they have rescinded an offer based on a writing sample, ask to understand what the inconsistency was. In some cases, you may have the right to the actual results.
Alleen Originally Answered: How can I file a discrimination claim? I was rejected by an employer after I sent my signed offer?
its not discrimination.. your english isnt good enough, go back to college and learn english properly and then apply for other jobs. i have a business and if their english wasnt good enough i wouldnt employ them if it was involving communication. You need to be clear and prescise.. if it was something where you didnt need to speak to people then yes i might employ you. but its not discrimination, your havent got the necessary skills and communications that a job would entail.

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