Our shih tzu is now on labor. Should I get worried cause the second pup won't come out after 9 hrs since the first one came out?

Our shih tzu is now on labor. Should I get worried cause the second pup won't come out after 9 hrs since the first one came out? Topic: What goes in the financial section of a business plan
July 16, 2019 / By Delicia
Question: I would like to know if this is possible and want to know if the pup inside are still alive. Our shih tzu started to have contractions this 10am in the morning. At 12:30pm the first one came out but unfortunately it died after its mother's hard labor. Anyway this is the first time our shih tzu is giving birth. The first one didn't come out that easily or fast like the ones I saw on youtube. It somehow got stuck on our dog's vagina for minutes before it went out completely. The tail came out first while our dog was having a hard time to get her out. The pup's shoulder to head part was still inside for 20mins until it got out with a little help from me. Now my problem is the rest of the pup. 9hrs has passed but our dog is still having a hard time with its contractions but still no crowning. Do some laboring dogs have intervals like this? Does she need C-section even though she was able to give normal birth to the first one? What can I do to help our dog through her laboring? I hope someone can give me suggestions aside from bringing our dog to the vet since we can't bring our dog due to financial reasons. But if this is something that we should really be worried about, we might still bring her as a last resort. Hope we can just deal with this at home. ok thanks for your replies. We LOVE our dog so much don't be mistaken. I'll bring her to the vet as soon as I can. It's just that some of our friends who also own this kind of breed didn't have any problems with their pets upon giving birth. It also just happens that I don't have enough budget this month to pay for her vet especially if she needs to undergo C-section. I live in a 3rd world country where it's hard to earn and pay for our needs. I wasn't able to save much or be prepared for this First we don't breed dogs. It just happened. We just have them as our dear beloved companions. We love them more than you think. It wasn't our fault that our dog got pregnant, We tried our best to prevent one from happening due to not having enough money for C-sect. They are not INVESTMENTS or BUSINESS, they are part of our family! If living in a 3rd world country and not having enough money to spend is BS! Why not go to countries like ours to see what I mean! Also don't we deserve to have dogs to own and love just like you people? We're not living in countries where homeless people with dogs can get help from a vet even without spending something. Here when you have none, you can't have things done. Sometimes what we have is not enough for everyone.Don't treat us as people who don't care about dogs or any other thing.
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Best Answers: Our shih tzu is now on labor. Should I get worried cause the second pup won't come out after 9 hrs since the first one came out?

Bryanna Bryanna | 4 days ago
Before you ever breed a dog like a shih tzu you need to take into consideration that it is likely these puppies would have needed to be delivered by a vet. Shih tzu are known for having a huge number of problems giving birth because pups have such large heads and are prone to deformities. There is NO other good suggestion other than taking her to the vet. You should have thought about taking her to the vet 30 minutes after there was no second puppy, not 9 hours. No one can tell you exactly what is happening but this is not normal. Get to a vet and try to apply for care credit or find some way to do a payment plan because the mother's health could be in question.
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Allannah Allannah
Please tell me you are making this up because every breeder knows that you DO NOT leave a b itch having strong contractions for much longer than ONE HOUR without seeing a puppy delivered - each delivery. If you have already left her for 9 hours, she's pretty much going to be shutting down which means you may well lose her, and all her unborn puppies UNLESS YOU GET HER STRAIGHT TO A VET I'm shouting because this is sooooo irresponsible, and unnecessary. YOU bred your b itch - now YOU get her the veterinary treatment she clearly needs, or start digging a hole for her and her puppies. You should have had alarm bells ringing after the first one out died - it was breach btw, but that didn't necessarily mean with expert assistance, it should have been lost. You have now reached your 'last resort' my friend. No money - NONSENSE!!! Had you had a viable litter there, which is now unlikely, you'd have had the proceeds of the sale of one or two, to settle your vet bill. SCREAM. ps A C.Section could be needed at any point during a whelping - if a puppy gets stuck or the b itch becomes too exhausted to keep pushing. In any case, had you had her scanned or x-rayed during the final week, you'd have known whether the puppies were likely to be too big to be whelped unaided. As it is, even with C.Section now, you sadly have no guarantee she's going to pull through, which is why if there's any delay, at any point during the whelping, you should get veterinary help, before she becomes exhausted!!!
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Urijah Urijah
If it isn't too late already take it to a vet for a section, Should they survive, please spay her when the pups have been weaned. Where has you mentor and/or vet been all this time? " financial reasons" Then you shouldn't even have a dog let alone have bred her! No Vet, = dog will die, dig a hole to bury it, making sure it's deep enough so predators don't dig it up and eat it. And never get another pet until you can afford proper care. What you have done is not only cruel, negligent but also abusive and in some areas a felony punishable by fines and/or jail time.
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Roderic Roderic
Whenever it takes more than an hour between puppies delivered - it is reason to worry. This dog should have been taken to the vets HOURS ago. You ONLY have two choices here - 1) take her to the vets office ASAP - perhaps they can still save your female with a C-Section to remove the stuck puppy. The puppy stuck in the uterus is most likely dead and already rotting inside of her! 2) Dig a deep hole to bury her in when she dies shortly ... make sure it is deep enough so predators don't dig her up and eat her body. If you do not immediately take her to the vets - the outlook for your dog is grim ..... so sorry.
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Mick Mick
This dog should have been to the vet hours ago. You have put the life of your female in danger. I hope the puppy is not dead. If you live in a 3rd world country and didn't have the extra money for vet care for your female, the pups and any emergency that came up then you had NO BUSINESS breeding your female.
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