Are the anarchists trying to fool the majority and paint the opposition to the healthcare as Nazis?

Are the anarchists trying to fool the majority and paint the opposition to the healthcare as Nazis? Topic: Socialism party of america papers
July 16, 2019 / By Delice
Question: Chelfi, Then decide who are the real Nazis. Yes, in the townhalls there are people up to no good trying to pain republicans as "nazis" adam s. Nah. The Democrat anarchists are in the townhalls. The ones in Congress are fascists. Mr. JoChan forest, Nah, remember Margaret Sanger was an anarchist. so the ones that are for the healthcare bill are anarchists to an extent, it's what they've dreamed for. Of course, Sanger was only an anarchist to an extent. She did advocate more for a revolution and she got it in the form of widespread stds. ...and millions of dead unborn children.
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Bryana Bryana | 3 days ago
For more than a half century, most people have considered the Nazis and Communists to be polar opposites; however, as long ago as my high school Sophomore year, I saw so many similarities between them that my world government class paper on Communism/Socialism was going to include the Nationalsozialist, (Eng.national socialist) Party. However, my high school teacher apparently could not see that Nazism was quite similar to Communism. The way Obama and his administration is functioning, with the complicity of Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi, Obamacare is just one more piece, albeit an important one, in their attempt to turn our beloved United States of America into the People's Socialistic Republik of Amerika! That's why the people carrying signs showing a Swastika inside a red circle, with a red slash through it are really accusing the Left-wing politicians of being Nazis, and not without some justification! The State-run media report the Swastikas on the signs, but fail to mention that these Swastikas are proscribed by the international symbol of the red circle and red slash, which means, "No!", in this case to Socialism and Socialized medical care! I would associate those in favor of Obama's take-over of financial institutions, automotive companies and the mainstream news media *and* in favor of Obamacare, more with Socialist/Communists/National Socialists than with anarchists!
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Bryana Originally Answered: Why aren't more Conservatives Anarchists?
First off, no one has "proven" that all forms of socialism are intrinsically doomed to failure. Not even close. You're taking a few lines you've been fed over and over and parroting them so you don't have to really think about and research the matters at hand. Secondly, if you REALLY want to understand what it is you're discarding as impossible rubbish, all the information you'll need can be found at the following sites: http://infoshop.org/faq/ http://anarchism.ws/faq/ http://dwardmac.pitzer.edu/anarchist_arc... Anarchism is not impossible. Nor is it rubbish. It cannot be placed on the traditional political spectrum. It is not the extreme end of the right or the left. And yes, it HAS worked.

Allana Allana
Democrats are not anarchists. The majority of anarchists would not be at the liberty to support a Democrat in the slightest. If Republicans call Democrats people who want BIG GOVERNMENT and CONTROL, that sort of seems to go against the definition of anarchist.
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Urian Urian
Whoa there. Isn't it the people opposed to health care calling the pro-health care folks Nazis? (although the people yelling in the town hall meetings look a little more like real Nazis than the Dems do)
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Roddy Roddy
First we're socialists, then commies, now anarchists. You guys are getting more desperate by the minute.
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Michaya Michaya
Hey, I' m here, your libertarian anarchist. I can assure the only fascists and nazis are Obama and his staff.
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Well, there is all kinds of stuff you can get into...depends on what you mean by "job" and "for a living". I mean, a lot of people are caught up in the idea that a "job" means work in exchange for bits of paper that you can then trade for goods and services. And, "a living" means without those bits of paper you won't be allowed to have that which you need to live. Of course, there are tons of "jobs" that don't fall under the standard umbrella of "employment" but still get you bits of paper; and tons of other "jobs" that skip the paper thing completely and jump directly to the "living" part of "for a living". Working "off the grid" keeps a lot of us busy, and fed. Homesteads, like "Shut Up and Grow It" offer "a living" in exchange for work, street medics and Katuah medics offer free healthcare and survive on donations , free traveling kitchens like "Everybodies Kitchen" also a donation driven "job" (they were feeding Sandy victims day one, Long before FEMA got it together) Camps and retreats all over seek skilled instructors for various seminars and activities: building with cob, edibile wild plants, horse back riding, etc. Midwifery is taught at The Farm midwives commune by anarchists. The internet has opened up resorces like Etsy to artists and crafters all over, providing mass market access to individuals. Up-cycling and re-purposing, sewing, sculpting, distilling, baking...and much more is happening outside the standard "employment". There is no end to what we can do, or how we can "work for a living". Imagination, creativity, and resourcefulness is a job and a living for many of us. I'm working, I get paid in whatever I ask for. I'm helping a women create a functioning homestead...I'm also building a mobile minihome, teaching someone how to make and set-up a tipi, and doing some fishing. I can leave any of the projects whenever I want, return whenever I want, and all my needs are met. No little bits of paper changes hands though. No contract. No obligation. Just hard work for its own sake, because it is serving a need.

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