Plate boundries and plate tectonic questions?

Plate boundries and plate tectonic questions? Topic: Magma research
July 17, 2019 / By Deirdre
Question: What kind of plate boundries cause earthquaked? What kind of plate boundries create volcanoes? What are some way technology can help reduce natural disaters or minimize the damage?
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Bronte Bronte | 9 days ago
All plate boundaries cause earthquakes. Convergent, Divergent and Transform/Sliding all cause movement in the earth. Most earthquakes happen at convergent boundaries. Also people think earthquakes can only happen on the boundary but they can happen anywhere in the plate. Ex. Ohio has been experiencing lots of earthquakes lately and they are no where near a major plate boundary. All plate boundaries form volcanoes. You don't see them as much at sliding ones though but mostly at convergent because two plates are crashing into each other and the pressure creates hot magma that is being forced to be pushed up. There is really no way technology can prevent natural disasters because no one knows when the earth will quake nor a volcano will erupt. But there has been recent accumulations that this new way to get natural gas (called Fracking, research it. It's quite interesting) is causing more earthquakes. It is not confirmed that it is causing earthquakes though so no one knows. But there are a lot of fracking sites in Ohio and some believe that it is linked to that. I hope I gave you a good idea of Plate boundaries and volcanoes! Thanks for reading
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Bronte Originally Answered: What are the important aspects of the plate tectonic theory?
Theory states that the lithosphere of the Earth once formed a large single-mass continent called Pangaea but it eventually broke into seven pieces. Evidence of this theory is the fact that the coastlines seem to fit perfectly if it was put together. Also, rivers one different continents would connect if we put separate continents together. There are fossils of the same species on two continents separated by a body of water. Also the magnetic fields of rocks underwater tells the age...this is called paleomagnetism. The continental drift and sea-floor spreading theory is also support for the plate tectonics.

Alissa Alissa
1} What kind of plate boundries cause earthquaked? a) Transform boundaries (Conservative), This will occur where plates slide or, perhaps more accurately, grind past each other along transform faults. The relative motion of the two plates is either sinistral (left side toward the observer) or dextral (right side toward the observer). The San Andreas Fault in California is an example of a transform boundary exhibiting dextral motion 2) What kind of plate boundries create volcanoes? a) Convergent boundaries (Destructive) (or active margins), This will occur where two plates slide towards each other commonly forming either a subduction zone (if one plate moves underneath the other) or a continental collision (if the two plates contain continental crust). Deep marine trenches are typically associated with subduction zones, and the basins that develop along the active boundary are often called "foreland basins". The subducting slab contains many hydrous minerals, which release their water on heating; this water then causes the mantle to melt, producing volcanism. Examples of this are the Andes mountain range in South America and the Japanese island arc. 3) What are some way technology can help reduce natural disaters or minimize the damage? The ;use of anti-oxidizing planetary supplements will reduce the levels of erosion. And just like any anti-inflammatory this will reduce the levels of pressure causing aggregation.
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Urban Urban
movement along all boundaries creates earthquakes however subduction zones (a convergent boundary where an oceanic plate inks beneath another plate) creates the most powerful earthquakes divergent boundaries create much weaker earthquakes collision zones and transform boundaries produce powerful earthquakes but not quite as powerful as subduction zones
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Robert Robert
listed right here are a pair of issues. a million. the popular public of volcanoes and earthquakes ensue on or close to plate barriers. 2. There are great pressures on the plates which reason volcanoes to spew magma from the rigidity and earthquakes to launch rigidity.
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