Writers: Google your real name. what comes up?

Writers: Google your real name. what comes up? Topic: Is a research fellow a doctor
July 15, 2019 / By Deena
Question: I thought this was interesting. A writer with a pretty common name googled herself and noticed that many people with her name came up in the top search results. She said one of them was accused of plagiarizing a poem and another one had committed a crime. She was concerned that a literary agent might google her name and mistake her for one of the many people with her namesake. Google your name and put quotes around it and tell us what comes up. anything that you might be embarrassed about? This is something I've been doing for years just to keep up what's logged about me online. Anyway, I did a Google and Yahoo search. google pulled up the most information. Most of the search results looked like this --> [my first name], some random city (that's the same as my last name). I did find the usual sites that lets you find people and I was listed there along with my full name and even my username that I use on several sites. One site had a link to every social network site that had the username I use (a couple were mine, but most were other people's). My Twitter page came up on Google, but not Yahoo. My facebook profile didn't come up at all (good, because I used facebook security to remove it from search engines). I found my youtube & twitter, but you'd have to do some in-depth research to find them and know they belong to me (I mean, you must really want to find me, haha). If I go through enough pages on yahoo, I come across my university announcement from when I graduated college along with a list of fellow graduates. Nothing really embarrassing. And, I wasn't surprised to find people with the same first and middle name as myself since it's common. I even found people who use the same member name as me AND who has the same first and middle name AND who is the same age. :D Though, I haven't found anyone with the same first, middle, & last name and the same age as myself. At least not yet. ;) What did you find about yourself?
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Brogan Brogan | 8 days ago
My facebook and then a doctor in Iowa with my first and last name, though she only has one 'e' in the first. I do this about once a year also. I was bothered by the fact that, for years, my name showed up on a church sick list that my parents put me on 10 years ago when I fought leukemia. I'm pleased to note that my name is no longer associated with the church sick list :)
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Alison Alison
I found my facebook, both my twitters (I forgot the password to one of them), my old myspace, my hi5, my fanfiction I posted on the internet, and a wierd page called MyLife which I've never heard of but has my full name, birth date, and hometown for some reason. These were all on the first two pages, as my name is not very common. At all. The rest was just random people.
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Ur Ur
I get a doctor in England and then I get my blog. Whoops just tried it and there is a lawyer now too. My blog is still on the first page, though, maybe because it's on Blogger and that links to Google.
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