OMFG a school shooting by a nine year old?

OMFG a school shooting by a nine year old? Topic: Case shoting
July 15, 2019 / By Decima
Question: Hey guys I`m horrified to hear about this school shooting by a nine year old. Also scared since I like fairly close to the area. All I know now that its a boy and the police have him in custody. Does anyone know the race of the perpetrator or whether or not he was a heavy player of Grand Theft Auto or such games? I think he is black and plays gta and the shooting was nothing more than an extention of the game What do you guys think?
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Originally Answered: Teens can you believe we had a school shooting on the first day of school?
I wrote a paper on this last week, Here is mine: While much of society believes that school shootings occur because of bullying, teasing, or taunting, the shooter’s psychological problems within themselves, the mental and emotional defects of the shooter, and the shooter’s previous history stimulates violence in schools, resulting in a mentally unstable person acting out in a school setting.

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