Stem cell paragraph topics?

Stem cell paragraph topics? Topic: Topics for health research papers
July 19, 2019 / By Debs
Question: I am doing a paper on stem cell research and funding for it. I can't think of what to talk about in my third paragraph. 1st paragraph- Stem cell research has the potential to help some individuals with health issues. 2nd paragraph- Embryonic stem cells are very different from other kinds of cells; they are unspecific and can turn into anything an individual might need. What should I have my third paragraph be about? And if you know any .org or .gov websites that would help a lot.
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Brittania Brittania | 4 days ago
economic benefit if U.S. finds out first ppl will start to come here for treatment and we can sell tech and if other country figures out ppl will go to that country lose tons of money for hospitals and we will have to be buying tech
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Brittania Originally Answered: Is stem cell banking necessary for stem cell therapy or surgery?
No, Prem. Either in India or the Western world, Stem cell banking is controversial at best and a scam at worst. My roommate from med school is a hematopathologist. He now runs a tissue harvest team, but previously worked for a cord blood collection company in Jersey. He quit on ethics grounds. The amounts collected (even with 100% viability 10 years later which never happens) could never be useful for any implantation by any known technology today. Much like cryopreservation of your corpse, cord blood banking is pure speculation. Worse, some companies prey on the fears and insecurities of new parents. "You can throw this blood away or let us preserve it... it could save your child's life later. You only have a few minutes to decide. This is your only chance"- A real script my friend found in their "recruitment script." In summary, the evidence does not support cord blood banking... cord blood research, yes... but that's another question.

Alise Alise
the pro's and con's of stem cell research.. well the first paragraph already sounds like one of the pro's... you could talk about how you would go about obtaining the stem cells for the research.. or the effects stem cell research could have.... you also need to put in the paper (if your topic is funding) how it would be funded.. By the government, personal funding, or donations. just some topics to think about.
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Ultan Ultan
How treating homosexuals with hormones to opposite the sexual determination or orientation. Why Jerry Lewis keeps elevating tens of millions of greenbacks a 12 months for the final 40 or 50 years and that they nevertheless have not arise with a treatment or medical look after MD. How tom cat HIV resembles human HIV and why can no longer they discover medical care or treatment for the two, or the two, that's no longer high priced to puppy vendors or human HIV victims. How herbs and solid weight-help plan would nicely be yet another medical look after maximum cancers below the care of a qualified herbalist? Why hyperbolic chambers are no longer used extra many times in specific remedies? If there's a correlation between pot smoking, using man made sweeteners, colors, flavorings, and preservative effect a fetus after years of ingesting those products? the way it outcomes the sperm, genes and chromosomes of the companions in basic terms before conceiving?
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Ripley Ripley
You might consider the differences between adult and fetal stem cell research. See the link below - use it as a starting point, as it's not that technical.
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Ripley Originally Answered: Are there any religious faiths that do not allow stem cell treatments or treatments derived from stem cells?
Embryonic stem cell use or research is forbidden by the Catholic Church and others because an embryo has to be aborted to get the cells (I guess in a case of a natural miscarriage, the cells could be used, but often the embryo's remains are not kept.) Stem cells taken from the umbilical cord after a live birth, or other types of stem cells are not forbidden by the Catholic or other churches. The treatments given with other types of stem cells are not forbidden and probably even encouraged by the Catholic Church, I could be wrong but I think stem cell research with other types of stem cells, like umbilical cord cells are used in Catholic Hospitals and University studies.

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