Abortion debate your opinion?

Abortion debate your opinion? Topic: Placenta research topics
July 15, 2019 / By Debra
Question: I just ask a question about 45 minutes ago, with the headline "is abortion the way to go" There are many different views on the subject but in my personal opinion if a girl is ready to have sex there ready to have a baby. If your not ready to have a baby then your not ready to have sex. I am a male And my religion is christian - Lutheran, I don't understand why women think its there choice. Who gives the baby a choice. I understand if a women gets raped and she gets pregnant she doesn't want the baby, but there is always adoption. I also understand that women sometimes gets pressured by family or her boyfriend to have an abortion, But if it's her choice then why does it matter what the family or boyfriend wants? But I just want to say that I have been doing research on how babies are aborted and here they are - A suction/D & C abortion is performed when the fetus is 6-12 weeks. The cervix is opened using an osmotic dilator. Then a curette (a thin metal rod with a knife-sharp loop at the end) is inserted into the uterus. The curette is used to dismember the fetus. After this, a cannula (a hollow plastic tube) attached to a suction aspirator is inserted to remove the fetus, placenta and uterine lining. These are captured by a stockinet attached to the end of the suction tube. To avoid the risk of infection or hemorrhaging, the contents of the stockinet are examined to be sure all fetal parts have been removed. ALSO A D & E abortion is performed in the second trimester (12-24 weeks) and is usually a 2-3 day procedure. At this stage of pregnancy, the fetus' tendons, muscles, and bones are more developed. The cervix has closed more tightly and must be dilated enough to remove the larger fetus. To aid in cervical dilation, laminaria (dried seaweed sticks) are inserted into the cervix. The dilation process can take 1-2 days depending on the size of the fetus. Once the cervix is sufficiently dilated, the laminaria are removed. Forceps are inserted into the uterus to forcibly dismember the fetus. The skull is then crushed and removed. A suction aspiration is then introduced to remove any remaining fetal parts, the placenta and uterine lining. ALSO The D & X abortion is used in late second and third trimesters (24-36 weeks). As with the D & E, the cervix must be dilated using laminaria. Forceps are then introduced into the uterus to grasp the baby's legs. The baby is delivered breech while the head remains inside the birth canal. Using blunt-tipped surgical scissors, the base of the skull is pierced and a suction catheter is inserted to extract the brain. This causes the skull to collapse and the dead baby is then fully delivered. Sometimes, while the child is partially delivered and still alive, the organs are removed and sold for fetal tissue experimentation (an illegal practice). ALSO A Prostaglandin or Live Birth Abortion is done in the second or third trimester. Prostaglandins are naturally occurring chemical compounds which assist in the birthing process. For the abortion procedure, artificial prostaglandins are injected into the amniotic sac which induces violent labor and leads to the birth of a child usually too young to survive. Often salt or another toxin is first injected to ensure that the baby will be delivered dead, since some babies have survived the trauma of a prostaglandin abortion and been born alive. These are a few way's to abort a baby. Now to all that can read this and think aborting a baby is o.k you are one is sick bastard usafbrat - if you where a true LCMS Lutheran you know how wrong this is. The LCMS ( which I'm a member of) as no tolerance but forgiveness for this. And I'm talking from experience, Me and my girlfriend where faced with this option but we didn't abort, Now I'M a father a a 2 year old daughter. You can email me anytime and we can discuss this topic anytime. p.s I would love to know the pastor and church you go to, I think the LCMS would love to hear what he is teaching. And by the way I'm not judging anyone, I simply stating my OPINION and what happens when you murder a child. pain or no pain usafbrat - DON'T BRING GOD INTO THIS. and i FEEL BAD ABOUT HAVING SEX BEFORE MARRIAGE, AND IM FORGIVEN, YOU ARE OBVIOUSLY NOT SORRY FOR HAVING A ABORTION.
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Brittani Brittani | 3 days ago
i believe in abortion and that will never change, it's the womans choice she can do as she wants and if she wants to have sex again that is up to her. It is not her fault if she gets raped or the condom breaks or whatever, she should not have to carry the child if she does not want or she is not ready for it... I'm sticking to what i believe and i believe people who don't believe in abortion are wrong.
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Brittani Originally Answered: Where can i go for abortion debate issues, esp 2nd and 3rd trimester?
At 18 weeks, your friend's baby looks and acts like a tiny newborn. She can suck her thumb, get the hiccups, sleep and awaken, curl her toes, yawn, stretch, make a fist, frown, and smile. She has hair, eyelashes, eyebrows, fingernails, and toenails. She can hear her mommy's voice and heartbeat, and even outside noises. She can feel pain, and will suffer terribly during an abortion. Please show your friend this information: Photos and Video of Abortions: http://www.cbrinfo.org/Resources/pictures.html http://www.abort73.com/HTML/I-A-4-video.html Information on All Aspects of Abortion: http://Abort73.com Photos and Facts About Prenatal Development: http://www.justthefacts.org/clar.asp http://www.abort73.com/HTML/I-A-2-prenatal.html http://www.studentsforlife.uct.ac.za/foetal%20dev%20photos.html http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/in_pictures/3847319.stm http://www.lifeissues.org/ultrasound/11weeks.htm Pain Perception in the Unborn: http://www.advocatesfortheinnocent.com/fetalpain.html Abortion Risks: http://afterabortion.info/complic.html http://www.abortionfacts.com/reardon/effect_of_abortion.asp Abortion Deaths: http://www.lifedynamics.com/Pro-life_Group/Pro-choice_Women http://www.afterabortion.info/news/abortiondeaths.html Free, Confidential Pregnancy Help (including referrals for financial, medical, legal, and housing assistance; free ultrasounds at some centers; free maternity and baby supplies; pregnancy, parenting, and adoption information; counseling and emotional support): http://www.optionline.org/advantage.asp http://www.heartbeatinternational.org/worldwide_directory.asp Pro-Life Answers to “Pro-Choice” Arguments: http://www.deathroe.com/Pro-life_Answers/ http://www.pregnantpause.org/abort/choicarg.htm Please try to get your friend to a crisis pregnancy center to see an ultrasound of her baby (call 1-800-395-HELP to find one near you or see link above). Remind her that she would never let anyone hurt any of her born children, and she shouldn't let anyone hurt the baby inside her. This is her children's brother or sister. Tell her that she can do the right thing, and that you will stand by her and help her do it. Tell her that you will NOT support her in killing her child. She needs to hear the truth. When is the abortion scheduled? I have soft, lifesized models of 12 week old unborn babies, and I would be more than happy to mail you one along with some pamphlets on abortion risks, prenatal development, etc. Feel free to email me if there is anything I can do. I'm sorry I didn't see your question sooner.

Alisa Alisa
1) Is abortion a religious/ moral issue only? It is a moral issue/personal choice- I know an atheist who is against it. Personally, I am pro choice. 2) Do you support abortions that put the mother at risk of death? I support abortion in all cases that the woman has made the personal choice (unless it is too late term). 3) Would you support an abortion that would result in a child born with a disorder that would be fatal? Once again, if the woman made the choice for an abortion, then that is her right, no matter the reasons behind it. 4) Would a ban on abortions prevent abortions? A little- but more people will go to back alley abortionists, this will be extremely harmful, and will likely to resort in the death of the mother and child. 5) Could making abortion illegal give the state the power to mandate abortions if they so chose? It is the woman's body, not the governments. 6) Could the government be given authority to determine whether or not a woman will carry her pregnancy to term? How dare they decide for her?! If they want to fund her to keep the child, and then adopt it afterward then by all means. But they don't. People go on and on about how abortion is wrong, but how many unwanted children have they bothered to adopt? If no one had an abortion, we would live in an extremely overpopulated world, all countries would have to have a "one child per household" policy, and they amount of children living on the streets would be staggering.
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Ulrick Ulrick
Abortion is the killing of an innocent human person. The killing of an innocent human person is always wrong. Therefore abortion is always wrong. No one can deny that abortion is killing. Just go talk to an abortion doctor and get a description of what they do to they fetus if you are unsure. It is biological life that is snuffed out. No one can deny that a fetus is innocent. It has done nothing to deserve being killed. Not even if the fetus is the product of rape of the mother. The fetus doesn't know it's mother has been raped. It simply exists. It didn't ask to be the product of rape. Therefore it is innocent. The fetus is a human person. The fetus is one stage in the life cycle of a human being. A baby is human. A teenager is human. An adult is human. an elderly person is human. Therefore a fetus is also human since it is just one stage of a human life. Killing the fetus also kills all other stages in that persons life since those stages would have potentially existed but no longer can. Therefore abortion is killing an innocent human person. Now, let us consider the only 4 possibilities. 1. The fetus is a human person and you know it. (murder) 2. The fetus is a human person and you don't know it. (manslaughter) 3. The fetus is not a human person but you don't know it. (morally evil) 4. The fetus is not a human person and you know it. (only case that could justify abortion) In the first case, it is murder since you know the fetus is an innocent human person yet you deliberately kill it. That is in fact the legal definition of murder, to knowingly kill another innocent human person. In the second case it is still manslaughter since although you did not know it was a human you still killed it. This would be like: a. Fumigating a dormitory without checking to see if all the people were out and you killed somebody. b. Shooting at a noise in the bush while your hunting that could be a deer or it could be another hunter. And it turned out to be another hunter that you killed. In the third case you would still be acting morally evil because although you would not be killing a human life you still believe that you could be and therefore are acting in a way that is consistent with either manslaughter or murder. This would be like: a. Fumigating a dormitory without checking to see if everyone was out, except that you got lucky and no one was there. b. Shooting at the noise in the bush when you know it could be another hunter. The fact that it turned out to be a deer does not excuse you of the fact that it could have been a human, yet you chose to shoot at it anyway. The fourth case is the only one that could justify abortion. However, the fetus has never been proven to not be a human person. So this case is only a hypothetical case. Rather, the most anyone could claim is that they don't know if it is a person or not. And I as well as many others would argue that it is a human person for many reasons including those stated above. The simple fact is that if you do not know if a fetus is a human person or not then it is morally evil, even potentially murder, to have an abortion. And, since a fetus has not been proven to not be a human and the scientific evidence argues that it is a human person then abortion can never be justified.
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Riordan Riordan
An abortion is a personal choice and all of your writing and descriptions are of no use when a woman or a couple are put into the position of considering whether or not to abort a pregnancy. While it is a poor choice for birth control or oopsies, it is sometimes an only choice for the sake of all who are involved. And until you have walked in the shoes of someone who has to deal with that decision, you have no right to judge anyone. There are many single women who have made this choice, but there are also many couples who have had to face this, all the while wanting and dreaming of a family. ETA: As I said, until you face this yourself, you have NO right to judge. And I don't consider you and a girlfriend and an out of marriage abortion "facing this". This decision was made with prayerful consideration, not blindly and not for selfish reasons. I have further discussed it with another Pastor, who also teaches at a seminary, who totally understood what my husband and I faced, why we made the choice, and that it really was the best answer in our situation. Do NOT EVER judge my faith, my trust in a caring and righteous God. I know my decision was not in line with LCMS teaching, but the decision was made between God, my husband and myself. Not the synod! Especially when you discuss having an abortion while involved in a sinful relationship, which the LCMS doesn't approve of either! ETA: Sure you are... you're telling me I'm not a true Lutheran, therefore judging me. Only God can judge me and question my choices. ETA: You brought God into it by bringing up your faith. And, no I'm not sorry for my choice, I'm sorry that I had to make that choice. But, I also know that I am forgiven. For I would never have been able to make that decision without praying about it long and hard. And God would not have allowed me to make that choice if He were not involved.
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Meshech Meshech
Before 20 weeks there is nothing you can tell me that will make me think it's wrong to have an abortion. Baby does not have developed pain receptors and cannot live outside the mother.
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Meshech Originally Answered: What are some different questions/topics to focus during an abortion debate?
Have a look at gender selection - there' s a high level of abortions in countries like India and China where sons are more highly favoured than daughters, so many baby girls are aborted (you can tell a baby's sex by ultrasound by around 18 weeks pregnant). Sons are favoured as a girl has to be married with a "dowry" - which usually involves money, so girls cost. Sons marry girls with dowries, so bring money into the family (as well as having higher prestige in general, etc, etc). That's why there's a big debate about a test an Australian company has just produced, where you can find out your baby's sex super-early - many are worries it will lead to a rise in abortions if people don't get the sex of baby they want. Also, look at reasons why people choose to get abortions. There are many - some women are in abusive relationships and are told by their partners that if they dont', their partners will leave or attack the baby, so they're scared. For others it's a health risk - their life is in danger if they continue with the pregnancy. For others again, it's because the baby's health is at risk - it simply will not survive being born. And some girls are raped, by family members or strangers (though it's a lot more common to be a family member). Not only do they not wish to be reminded of the rape for the rest of their lives and never wanted a child, children born of incest (sex between family members) can often have genetic abnormalities. This is just glossing over the surface for you (I can't provide websites, but get Googling). But abortion is not a black & white issue. It's very complicated and please don't for one second think that an abortion is an "easy way out" which some women seem to think it is. It's incredibly hard for a woman to make that decision, no matter what the circumstances, and to live with it afterwards. Perhaps try finding some women (in here, for example) who have had abortions and find out their reasons why - I think it would be very enlightening for you. Good luck.

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