Atheists with a brain, what are so good arguments for the denial of God's existance/the Bible?

Atheists with a brain, what are so good arguments for the denial of God's existance/the Bible? Topic: How to write a book in 24 hours
June 20, 2019 / By Debi
Question: I'm going to see my in-laws in two weeks, and they also say "God is real, and the Bible is proof, you need to learn how to understand it. God has done many things for us by us praying!" Granted, they are rich and always seem to get what they want. What can I say to argue with them where they will have no comeback? What are so good facts against the existence of a God and how the Bible is a bunch of hooey?? They say the Bible is proof, as there are miracles in their and that the Bible predicted many things.. SEE PEOPLE? Read CORNMEAL's response.... How do u answer that? @ CORMEAL, ummmm I'm am dealing with Baptists actually. Real nutty. But I still have yet to find any shred of evidence of God. Born Catholic, but nothing came out of praying and their Bible is very kooky...it changes a lot. Weird rules ...
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Britt Britt | 1 day ago
As you can see, no one has given any way to disprove the Bible or God's existence. The only thing they can say is we Christians have to prove it. There is no proof that God does not exist and you can't prove the Bible is wrong either. To the person who said to ask them to show how God made everything in seven days, my response to that is that that part of the Bible is not to be taken literally. How do I know this? Two reasons. First of all, according to Genesis God created light on the first day. On the second day, God created something else. There were no planets on the first day, so how could there possibly be what we think of as a day at that time? There were no planets rotating around the sun, there was no time as we know it. So thinking that God created the universe in seven 24 hour days just doesn't make any sense... there was no such thing for the first few days. The second reason is that in Genesis there is the story of the creation of the world that we all know, and a few chapters later there is a different creation story that has different facts. If you were writing a book meant to be a literal account for something, would you write a description of something in one paragraph, and then a different description of the same thing a few paragraphs later? No, of course not. That would not make any sense at all. There are many other "discrepancies" in the Bible, but they all, every single one of them, can be explained if you but give God a chance. Edit: please all, do read my response. There are completely logical answers to all the rebuttals that have been written as answers to your question so far. The only thing people here have proved is that the widely accepted protestant interpretations of the Bible are false. I invite you all to read Catholic responses to all you have against Christianity. Also want to add, your in-laws do sound just a little nutty. Reminds me of my aunt, who is a raging Baptist, bless her soul. Putting her fingers in her ears to ignore the world and common sense while making completely illogical arguments as to why the faith is true. She's right that the faith is true, but her arguments for it are just stupid. Edit: Really? They are Baptist? Interesting coincidence. It makes me sad they left the Church, but they are still Christians. So that's a plus (please forgive my zeal, I hope it doesn't annoy you too much). I was an atheist for many years, raised a Presbyterian though. Anyways, I completely agree that the Bible has weird rules. Some of the stuff in the Old Testament actually makes me laugh. It truly is a strange book. But oh the treasures it holds! There is evidence for God outside of the Bible itself, the easiest for non-believers to find being the miracles that happen today. Please don't look at people like Benny Hin for proof of these miracles... lol. The other proof is very subjective because it comes from experiences. Myself, I was and still am a HUGE skeptic. I'm a devout Catholic but I still don't believe in most of the stories of the saints and the miracles that have happened through them. I'm a skeptic through and through, but I know God is real because of the experiences I have had that I simply cannot explain as an atheist. However, I don't usually believe other people's experiences. But I would be lying to myself and insulting my own intellect to ignore what has happened to and for me. These experiences are the only reason I became a Christian and then a Catholic. I'm going to help you as best I can. When I was an atheist the best arguments I could find against the faith were in the Bible itself, and to my torment brought my sister and brother in law out of Christianity, where they still are today. There are two genealogies of Jesus in the New Testament. Google them, remember where they are in the Bible. Be bold and invite your in-laws to pull out a Bible and show them these passages. The genealogies are different and don't seem to make any sense at all. There are lots of other apparent discrepancies, google what they are. There are lots of them. If you can discredit the Bible then they'll see that you've at least looked into the faith and rejected it, instead of just ignoring it and wanting to do your own thing. It may even persuade them to leave the faith all together, which I will pray that it doesn't. But though this will probably work to "prove" God isn't real to you and to them, I promise you that they can be answered for.
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1) God is not real, please prove he/she exists, have you seen God? (if they say they have, then say, why has he not appeared to me?) 2) The bible is a compilation of books written between 4,000 and 2,000 years ago, we don't know who actually wrote it and it is quite contradictory in places. It does not prove God exists but that a bunch of people had a great imagination. Note, there are NO written accounts of first hand accounts with Jesus outside the bible, now ain't that strange? 3) Why would God make is message to man hard to understand? Why would he not be unambiguous? 4) There are many many other religious books older than the bible, why are they not true? (it would be worth getting some examples of these but there are many). 5) Along the same lines as 4) how do you know that your religion is the right one? There are thousands of other religions, have you studied them or did you just choose your religion based on your birth? That is enough for starters, but be careful, they won't like this, be respectful at all times. Enjoy :)
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The Bible was not written by God or Jesus. The Bible allowed slavery. The Bible makes women subserviant to men The Bible has contradictions. There are many words of God so which religion is right?
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There is no god, and that is the simple truth. If every trace of any single or all religion were wiped out and nothing passed on, it would never be created exactly the same way again. There might be some other nonsense in it's place, but not that exact nonsense. If all of science were wiped out, it would still be true and someone would find a way to figure it all out again, and it would rebuild exactly as it is now.
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Meryle Meryle
The whole evolution thing and the rock formations that date the earth to be 4,5 billion years old instead of six thousand. The fact that god is supposedly almighty and all knowing but he still allows us to change the rules he wrote down in the bible to our convenience (like eating bacon or wearing clothes that are 45% polyester and 55% wool). The fact that this all knowing god needs to "test" us before we go to heaven (where he wants us to be because he loves us) even though, being all knowing, he already knows the results, making it pretty pointless. The fact that this god who loves all humans equally only sends his son to Israel, leaving the rest of the world (Asia, Africa and America inhabited by native Americans) ignorant to his existence (in fact the only reason chrisianity became big in Europe was because of the Roman Empire) making them go to hell for not believing in something they never even heard of.
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