Are there any full year nudist clubs/resorts in the US?

Are there any full year nudist clubs/resorts in the US? Topic: Report main parts of a research
July 19, 2019 / By Deb
Question: I am really thinking about going to a nudist club or resort because i dont feel comfortable with my clothes on. I also have a couple questions about nudist clubs or resorts specifically. First, if i were to get an erection, would i be asked to put clothes back on, or could guys just walk around with an erect penis without a care in the world. i really dont want to affend anyone if i get erect and im not supposed to. I feel that if i am without clothes around people (not just females, people in general) i would feel aroused and get erect easily. So, i ask that because i dont want any sexual clubs. Also, are there any free clubs or resorts in the US i could go? My money supply is rather low and i really want to go somewhere where i can feel free and open.
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Brier Brier | 7 days ago
An erection is perfectly natural but among nudists it's actually quite rare to happen. If it did happen, all you'd have to do is follow the rules of the club/resort/community where you were living or visiting. Nudists acknowledge that an erection is a perfectly natural involuntary function of a perfectly natural body part, but as far as your response to the situation there are two main schools of thought: some say it should be hidden or covered somehow, such as with a towel or by going swimming; others say it doesn't need to be hidden any more than a non-erect penis. But in all cases, you'd never want to flaunt it, play with it, maintain it, draw attention to it, or in any way make people uncomfortable about it. You wouldn't be asked to get dressed, just to follow the rules which would reflect one of those schools of thought. There are no clubs or resorts that are free because they all have to pay their bills and need entry fees and membership dues to pay it. Public nude beaches are free, however, just like any other public beach. And there are many non-landed clubs across the country (non-landed meaning they don't own a specific property) which are made up of nudists who hold get-togethers at various members' homes. Some of those might be free, I really don't know. As far as finding a place to live nude all year round, there are several nudist communities where you could buy/rent a house, or some nudist resorts have houses and cabins for rent for full time or part time residence. If you want to find a place where you never need to wear clothes at all you'd want to look for something in a warm southern state, or Hawaii as one person mentioned. Just remember, even a warm climate can have an occasional cold spell, so follow the philosophy of "clothed when practical, nude when possible." You may want to be nude all the time but it's better to put something on when you're cold than to stubbornly stand there naked and shivering. Focusing on your last sentence where you say you want somewhere to go where you can feel free and open but money is a concern, look for opportunities around you. There very likely is state or federal land that's not too far of a drive from you where you can find a lot of land to roam nude with very little likelihood of finding anyone else. State forests and game preserves are great, although you'd still be under any state or local laws against nudity if someone should see you naked and complain. On federal land such as national forest areas, there are no national laws against nudity to worry about. Some places still permit state jurisdiction on that federal land and/or have local forest ranger-established rules against nudity (all of which only matters if someone happens to see you and complains) but in the absence of either of those, in federal jurisdiction you can freely go nude without worry. State and federal lands like that are awesome whether it's a day trip or for a nice long camping trip. (I've read nudist trip reports from people who go hiking or kayaking on federal lands and even come across forest rangers, and not one thing is said about their nudity. You'd want to do some research to find out if you have that level of freedom in a particular location.)
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Aliah Aliah
This would be something that would definitely come up in conversation with the person before I ever got to the point of inviting them to my house. "I'm a nudist in my house." "Oh, our house is also clothing optional," or, "Not something I really want to do." I personally don't care who gets naked in my house if they are comfortable like that, but that's just me. Knowing nudists as I do, I'm absolutely sure he would not strip down in front of hosts where such actions would make them uncomfortable. There are plenty of times where I've visited homes I wasn't entirely comfortable in, for a variety of reasons that have nothing to do with nudity. But still, you respect the rules of the house when you're a guest, and if clothed is the way of it, you stay clothed. And the person would definitely know what would be ok and not ok in the house before ever being invited. Honestly, I don't personally understand the people answering here who perceive nudity as an "adult" thing to do. The decision whether to wear clothes or not is a nonsexual choice that children can make as well as adults can. Many nudist resorts and beaches I've visited mix both kids and adults all unclothed and honestly, the kids are usually much better behaved than many I see at "clothing-enforced" places. And everyone has innocent family-oriented fun.
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Tyrone Tyrone
The further south you go, the fewer number of days in any given year it's too cold to be comfortable naked. The nudist resorts here in Florida operate year round having many really nice warm sunny days even in the middle of winter. When the chill is on here in central Florida, I enjoy going to Sunsport Gardens in south Florida. That additional 5-10+ degrees of warmth is sometimes all it takes to make the difference. Some places in Arizona and southern California have almost as long a season, but you'd have to go to Hawaii, the Carribean, or the southern hemisphere to do better.
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Rik Rik
Nudism is not sexual by any means. There are year-round clubs all across the country. However, none of them are free, but those under 25 can received discounts. Pennsylvan in Pa has an indoor pool as does Cedar Creek in SC. You can be a home nudist/private nudist. During National Nude Weekend (July 13-14, 2013) many clubs have open house at which there is no cost. July 13 will also be the Guinness World Book Challege for the most people simultaneously skinnydipping across the country and that will be no cost. My club Travelites in SC has a small event fee of $2/day and allows you to visit up to 3 times before membership is needed, and that for under 25 yr.olds is $25 It is very understandable when trying something new for the first time to be anxious be it driving a new car, sky diving or visiting a nudist venue. The anxiety itself will generally prevent any erection (medically speaking). The more you are nude, the less of a problem any embarrassment will be. That is the most asked question from those males who want to experience nudism for themselves. It rarely happens, but since bare etiquette demands you sit on your own towel, cover up, roll over, go for a swim. Yes, it`s natural, but it`s not appropriate in a genuine nudist setting. It can and does offend others. There are other natural functions as well that I don`t want to witness in a nudist setting It my 40+ years of being a nudist, I`ve witnessed an erection only twice at a nudist park. One man was parading around with it, he was quickly escorted off the grounds. The second time, a fellow was napping. Someone tapped his shoulder, and the fellow turned over. The more often you are nude, the more comfortable you will be. Nudism, also called naturism by some, is about de-stressing, relaxing, and returning to innocence. It's about accepting yourself and others for who you are, how you act, and what you say rather than what you look like, own, or wear. It's not about seeing or being seen. According to The Naturist Society, it’s like going barefoot all over. After a rough day and you take your shoes off…you know how good your feet feel? That’s the same way the rest of you feels when you disrobe. The Naturist Society states that naturism is a way of living in harmony with the intention of encouraging self-respect for others, the environment and feeling free of the artificial barriers of clothing. It is well known that a feeling of wholeness, honesty and well being overcome people when they find themselves laughing and enjoying camaraderie with family and friends in a nude environment. The only difference between nudists and others is after a large meal, nudists have not belt to loosen. We are lawyers, doctors, secretaries, accountants, engineers, models, teachers, government employees, clergy, mothers, fathers, teens, infants, taxi drivers, your neighbors, your friends. Most nudists are "clothed when practical, nude when possible." Surveys have proven that except for fears derived from artificial cultural taboos, over 85% of all are at least sympathetic to nudists' beliefs. I hope this enlightens any who may not understand our way of shedding tension, aggression, and anxiety (medically proven). We have a lower divorce rate and strong family ties. Naturism is the fastest growing segment of tourism in North America. Additionally, youngsters growing up in a nudist environment have better body images and a lower teen pregnancy rate. The American Association for Nude Recreation (AANR) www.aanr.com. Find destinations (landed as well as nonlanded clubs) under Club Locator. The Naturist Society website is at www.naturistsociety.com. Look under Network for possibly others.
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Merv Merv
Maybe in Hawaii or the Florida keys. In the continental US even along the Gulf coast its jacket weather in winter. I have never been to a formal nudist resort but understand that they are non-sexual places. They are family places, which include children, old people, fat people and represent a cross section of the populace. I have been to several nude beaches, mostly here in the Portland area (Rooster Rock and Sauvie's Island). If you want free there are any number of nude beaches on both coasts and on many rivers and lakes. Google that phrase, nude beach, for a lot of sites with information.
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Jordon Jordon
Depending on where the nudist resort is located, it may be open during certain months. More and more resorts in all states are open year-round now. The best authoritative resource is the American Association for Nude Recreation. You can go to their website if you have a computer and research for clubs near you. If you find one close by or more than one, there will be contact information and resort information. Give them a call and ask to come as as visitor to see the resort and to meet some of the members. If you go to visit, ask if the resort is open year-round. One other thing, generally resorts will not require you to take off your clothes on the introductory visit. Some clubs will require you to be nude after a certain number of visits if you come back on a regular basis.
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