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July 16, 2019 / By Deanne
Question: I am a 17 year old male I live in Los Angeles California (Near South La) Where i live it is a very poor area poverty is a big issue there are alot of homeless people living in the streets there is alot of gang members and criminals.The community is predominantly hispanic there are alot of shootings that occur. I myself witnessed 100's of scary incidents so much that i cant remember and had lost count. When it is late at night you cannot walk in the streets you always imagine something bad may happen and are traumatized by what you have seen before. I dropped out of high school with plans and goals to further my education. The reason why i dropped out of high school was because the school I had went to was bad there where stabbings and shootings that had happened there were students drinking beer in the classes students smoking marijuana and sniffing cocaine the school administration did not properly manage the school there was even teachers who would also drink alcohol in class. Most experienced teachers retired or had left to a better school they had given up with the school and students which presented an issue since all good teachers had been replaced with new teachers who had no experience and had not been around these kind of students. With all these issues i had given up with the school i could not handle being in that type of environment.I am different from these people who live near me. My father is a police officer and is also in the military my mother works for the state of california since i was a young kid i had done training in martial arts and self defense i use to train with the Gracie's brazilian jiu jitsu i trained with very educated people who where in the marines army rangers special forces secret service fbi dea police officers people who had went to university's and had their phds.I am an expert with computers and electronics i can build a computer easily i also know alot about cars health and politics.I enjoy going to the mountains going hiking also like to go running in the hills and riding mountain bikes going to the desert and drving atvs and dirt bikes or going to the lake and going inside a kayak i try to live life as best as i can and not think about where i live although there are some very nice neighborhoods in los angeles and orange county but the cost of living is very expensive the funny thing is from what ive heard where i live the taxes are the highest in the country so in some circumstancess the cost of living is almost the same as the better communitys.I had a few friends but most people i know had went to live in better cities and had went to universitys far from where i lives so i do not have any friends although i talk to people with a microphone through the internet i know alot of people from all around the world europe uk germany the netherlands united states but do not know any who lives close to me.I cant relate to most of the people who live in this community that i live in i do not do drugs i dont drink beer i am not in a gang and i am not involved in criminal activitys so that is why i dont have any friends who live around me.Most people with they meet me they think i am in my 20's since i do not look or act like i am 17 years old i am going to get my ged which by federal law is equivalent to a high school diploma although i cant get it yet because california state law require a person to be 18 years and older ounce i get my ged i am going to go to a 2 year college then go to university Since you know about me now my question is about getting a girlfriend am i going to have a hard time getting a girlfriend and where should i go to meet girls and how should i get a girlfriend ? where i live there are no stores malls or shopping centers since the community is poor they do not have any of that but about 10 minutes away there are a nicer citys that do have that.If i go to the mall how do i approach girls when they are walking or in the store or at the food court ?
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Brielle Brielle | 6 days ago
You keep posting this same damn thing over and over again. It's getting really annoying. That being said, say hi to a girl, buy her a drink, bada bing, bada boom. The end.
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Hi there. I'm the author of a new medieval fantasy book that you might like. It's a coming of age story about a young Scot and his Irish love interest, but it's also a terrific fantasy adventure. It has received excellent reviews in the national media and is being considered for a movie deal. The title is THE BLACKGLOOM BOUNTY. It's 445 pages of action, adventure, magic, mystery and mayhem. If you like Conan style books and you're not afraid of a little blood being spilled, you'll like this book. If you liked the length of Harry Potter books, this is not quite as long but it's every bit as good. It's rated PG-13 by most libraries. If you want to try it out, request my FREE, illustrated four chapter pdf eBook demo from [email protected] That way, you can see if you like the story without spending a dime. Fair enough? Good luck, whatever you decide to read! Oh, and have a great summer, too. Jon Baxley Author, THE BLACKGLOOM BOUNTY (A new medieval fantasy epic from Thomson Gale and Five Star Publishing--available now in hard cover and eBook)

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