Is there anyone good with computers that can help me?

Is there anyone good with computers that can help me? Topic: The sisters movie watch online
July 21, 2019 / By Deanna
Question: This might be alot to read but thank you for taking the time to help.Ok I have a Toshiba Qosimo G1AV501. A few days ago everything was fine except that when I would turn on the computer I would get a message that would pop up saying found new hardware wizard, to install software for "unknown" which was odd because nothing was plugged in and I don't have a disk to install anything. So I just pressed cancel and the same exact message would pop up again but this time instead of "unknown" it said PCI modem so I just ignored it and pressed cancel untill it went away. That didnt bother me because i would just cancel the message utill it disappeared. Then one night I was watching a DVD and i had to go out so I paused the movie and left, forgetting to turn the computer offf. When I came back a few hours later and lifted up the screen, I noticed that there were green vertical lines across the screen and the computer was frozen. THe base was extremely hot, and I just thought that the computer was overheated so I turned it off to let it cool down. THen the next day I turned it on and the green lines cameup on the windows XP screen when i first turned it on, and the next screen I saw was a black screen with white dots. then the screen went blank, and wouldnt let me go any further. so i turned it off and tried again, and this time the computer said that windows had not started sucessfully andasked me if I would like to restore the computer to the last settings that worked, so i clicked yes, and this seemed to solve the probelem.So that night I told everyone to turn the computer off when they were finished so it wouldn't get overheated and the green lines wouldn't come back, but my stupid fat sister left the computer on for hours! we left and when i came back the computer was all hot again with the freakin green lines so, i turned it off and tried system restore a couple of times...didnt work,computer still wouldnt start up. I am able to start the computer up fully if i press F8 at the main screen and select safe mode. That's how I was able to go online i selected safe mode with networking. Anyone have this problem/ Or know enough about computers to be able to give me some advice? Please do not respond if you are not serious....And PLEASE don't make stupid comments, I don't have time for that. And if you are not sure, do not waste time by answering my question with "I'm not sure" or "I don't know". If you don't know, then help someone else by answering a question you do know and leave this one blank. Thank you. Sorry if it was alot to read but I think the more thorough I am, the better my chances are of getting help. thanks!
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Bridgette Bridgette | 5 days ago
It appears that your computer has been damaged by excessive heat. This suggests that the grills in your computer that let hot air out have been blocked. The solution now, is to take your computer to a repair shop and have them look at it. Where have you been using your computer? You should not use it on beds or other similar material / furniture or unstable places. Tables are ok.
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Bridgette Originally Answered: Are you good with computers?
If you still have the file open, keep pressing control and z and it should undo the deletion and you might get the whole thing back. Failing that, you may need to find the temp file for it by opening the folder you saved the file in windows, then going to tools, folder options, then clicking show hidden and system files and looking for the shaded word files. One of them might still contain your old data, just open each one and see if you find the letter you had, you may get lucky!
Bridgette Originally Answered: Are you good with computers?
What operating System Do You Have And What Program Did You Use To Write The Document. it Sound To Me Like You Still Have The Document And He Just Saved Erased The Words, And Saved It. If You Have A Backup Somewhere, And Your Running Windows 7, You Can Find Where The File Is Located (ex. My Documents) and right click on the file (do not open it) and click Properties, Then Previous Version, And Your Backup Will Be There. If Not, This Is Pointless. If You Used Microsoft Word 10 (Possibly 07) To Type It, then you can go and click File, Info, And Version, To See If Word Saved Previous Version Of The File. This Only Works Part Of The Time, Again With Word, If You Had "Track Changes" Enabled, Than You Can Look At The Original Document Before He Edited And Saved It. Even After He Saved Over it, You Can Still View The Original (What You Typed) And Then Save It. If You Didn't Have "Track Changes" Enabled, Than This Won't Work Either. I Conducted An Experiment, Making A Copy Of A Document, Then Erasing Everything, And Saving. I'm Sorry But I Was unable To Undo The Changes That I Made. If None Of The Above Work For You, Than I'm Very Sorry, But It's Gone, And Cannot Be Recovered. I Know How You Feel, I've Lost Important Documents Before Too. The Best Thing You Can Do, Is Sit Down On Your Computer With All The Lights Off (I Find It Helps), Concentrate, And Try To Remember And Re-Type It. Don't Do It When Your Upset, Do It When Your Calm, And You Can Probably Remember Most Of It. I have To Do This All The Time, And I Have A Terrible Memory And Still Remember Most Of It. If You Want We Can Talk About This In More Detail Such As What Program You Used, Etc. And I Can Try To Replicated The Circumstances On my PC, And Recover It. I There Might Be A Way To Do It, But I Don't Have Nearly Enough Information To Try. You Can Email me At [email protected] (My Yahoo Is Crowded) I Won't Ask your Name Or Anything, But I Might Be Able To Figure It Out. Let Me Know. Again, I'm Sorry.
Bridgette Originally Answered: Are you good with computers?
If he erased all the words and then clicked saved... sorry but it is gone.... but if he right clicked and deleted it check in your trash can.

Algoma Algoma
On a Mac, shift/control/3 takes a picture of the screen. If you press shift/control/4, you can click and drag over the area you want; the picture is taken when you release the mouse button.
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Algoma Originally Answered: Anybody who is good with computers?
Hi ! Probably you just repaired the installation or installed a fresh copy on the same partition without formatting the partition, hence other files like downloads are there. I hope your other files, ie, My Documents must also be there, just go to C drive, into documents and settings, and see if you can see the Document and settings folder of the old user, If you are lucky, you may have it, with all data intact, since I had noticed that once in a case similar to yours. Else, if its deleted, its all overwritten. You cant recover it in 90% of the cases. Always move My Documents default location to other drive to avoid this loss. Read this - http://pcgyaan.wordpress.com/2009/08/27/...
Algoma Originally Answered: Anybody who is good with computers?
the files you have lost were they in the my documents folder ? if so chances of retrieval are slim may help remove the data you have off the system then do an undo my last system restore ,this may put the other stuff back yes i know you will have problems but if you have access to the system remove these files if they have reappeared otherwise you will need some recovery software Easyrecovery and Eraseus recovery are 2 good programs ,,,,,i use them and they work if you did a repair or fresh install without format ,,LOOK for a folder called windows (old) they may be in their

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