Does anyone have experience with The Fertility Diet?

Does anyone have experience with The Fertility Diet? Topic: Level 1 research article
July 19, 2019 / By Deana
Question: After testing revealed low progesterone level (8.1), the doctor said I probably didn't ovulate (although I might have) the month of the test. All other pertinent tests/levels were normal. My cycles are very regular and I get all of the "symptoms" to indicate ovulation. Doctor wants me to start Clomid, but I'm researching all other options before taking that step, as I really don't want to have to go that route. I'm going to start using an OPK instead of just relying on the calendar and physical symptoms to indicate ovulation. I've also read an in depth article on the Fertility Diet. I already have a fairly healthy diet, but am intrigued on the suggestion of switching to full-fat dairy instead of low-fat or fat free. Does anyone have any experience with The Fertility Diet? They make some interesting arguments about why fat free and low fat dairy can contribute to ovulatory dysfunction. Any other suggestions to try before going the Clomid route?
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Bridget Bridget | 4 days ago
I also have ovulation problems. Sometimes my ovulation is late (up to cd 44), sometimes it's weak (short luteal phase). So what I have been trying to do is balance my hormones by eating as healthily as I can, taking multivitamins and walking at least half an hour every evening.. I'm not sure how this cycle is going to pan out, but I've read other women saying that when they lost weight/exercised/ate healthily their ovulation was more regular and many of them give credit to diet and/or exercise for the conception. I think the reason why full fat is better than low fat is because the fat negates the effects of the hormones in the dairy. I haven't implemented the foods in the fertility diet, but what I have been doing is cutting out sweet things (biscuits, cake etc). Remember, our bodies were made to do this, we just have to tweak around until we find the right formula. Good luck.
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Alfreda Alfreda
Funny you should ask. I just asked a question in the pregnancy section polling pregnant women whether they ate low fat or full fat dairy. Here's a link to the answers I've gotten so far: http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;... For the past 2 months I've done the full fat thing. And in addition to gaining 3 or 4 pounds, it kinda screwed my cycle up. I don't know if the dairy was exclusively to blame, but for the first time in 2 years, my cycle length changed. I'm one of those people whose cycle is like clockwork. Every cycle for the last couple of years has been 25 days exactly. Last cycle, it was only 22 days. Again, I can't for sure blame the full fat dairy, but it's the only thing I had done differently. I'm normally a fat-free milk, lowfat yogurt, and full fat cheese eater. The 2 months of mostly full fat didn't help me to conceive, and in fact, shortened up my cycle. So, in theory, it probably does affect people. But in my case, I saw the opposite effect. Sorry for the long answer. Good luck!! Oh, and definitely do bbt charting. I think I have low progesterone too, but I ovulate every month. I can tell because I do bbt charting.
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