I'd like to live in usa?

I'd like to live in usa? Topic: Learn korean writing and speaking english
July 15, 2019 / By Dawn
Question: I'd like to live in usa I'm 29 years old and I'm a man and korean and I'm working big usa company as a IT engineer contractor (prepairing PC, LAPTOP, etc..) but I'm not sure If I can get a job in there because I don't have any special skills and My english speaking, and writing is very poor however I'm dreaming I'll live in usa someday so I've been trying to learn english what am I going to do anything else..? I need the tight compardre
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Brett Brett | 1 day ago
You say you don't have any special skills, but IT is one of the most sought-after professions for work visas. You might want to start applying to companies that (1) have a high-volume need for IT professionals and (2) have a proven track record of hiring professionals via the U.S. H1B visa. By targeting companies that have a history of hiring on this particular type of visa, you'll increase your chances tenfold. In the meantime, make sure you keep all your skills and certifications current. Update your resume so that it's formatted in the American style, and invest more time into sharpening those English skills. If you want to find a visa for the upcoming cap, though, you'll want to get a move on looking for jobs -- the filing period starts in April, and last year, visas went in less than two months.
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Alexina Alexina
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Tye Tye
yah you are able to stay contained in the USA of a. bypass go on your aunt and then in case you want to stay right here pernamently, study up for the citizenship try thingy and take the pledge and carry close out with us. lol =)
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