What's the only thing Obama has to do in order to win the White House?

What's the only thing Obama has to do in order to win the White House? Topic: Weaknesses in a personal statement
June 20, 2019 / By Davinia
Question: Just review everything that's gone wrong with America since Bush first stole office? Standard of living going down cost of living going up jobs lost No management of the home mortgage disaster BEFORE it exploded Katrina mismanagement (review what Chins has done already just 45 days after their earthquake and compare it to Bush bungling.) Unpopular wars surplus to debt $4.35 gas Oil Corp welfare but no relief to taxpayers 7 years of the Patriot Act but not one arrest to show for it. All Obama has to do to win the White House is to talk about what Bush has already done to this country and the McCain will be more of the same.
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Brenna Brenna | 10 days ago
Well, as usual, any intelligent question draws personal attacks on the asker. I would point out the Democrats do not "control" Congress until they can override a presidential veto. Based upon Senator McCain voting record, Senator Obama can attack him by attacking President Bush. He can point out all of Senator McCain's statements in support of the President's policies; he can point out the lack of success in Iraq and Afghanistan. He can point out Senator McCain's admitted weakness on economic issues, which I think is most important to the citizens today; the Senator's inability to even turn on a computer (I mean, yeah he's old, but come on--this is 2008!); his disdain for woman and lack of support of women's issues. Finally, what no one has bothered to check, is Senator McCain's own record on "pork" spending. He criticizes "pork" like crazy, but he's brought plenty of money home to Arizona, so apparently "pork" is in the eye of the beholder. Oh, also, they could play a few of his famous temper tantrums. Plenty of his prominent supporters have published quotes about his abusive nation. Or--just wait until he has another senior moment like Senator Bob Dole did.
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Alexia Alexia
Nothing. The bad guys are doing it all for him. Why did the US Supreme Court rule as unConstitutional the 'Military Commissions Act of 2006' which suspended habeas corpus allowing the president to declare you an 'enemy combatant' and end your rights to seek legal or judicial relief from unlawful imprisonment. "The writ of habeas corpus serves as an important check on the manner in which state courts pay respect to federal constitutional rights. The writ is 'the fundamental instrument for safeguarding individual freedom against arbitrary and lawless state action'."(1) T also said that: "What, really, a time of shame this is for the American system. What the Congress did and what the president signed today essentially revokes over 200 years of American principles and values."(3) www. stopthenorthamericanunion.com/TwoActsOfT... This is a horrible act and John McCain is one of its supporters. The US Supreme Court has said it is unconstitutional which is great. But there is politiics in the timing of their decision. John McCain and his probable running mate Lindsey Graham from SC, are running their mouths that the US Supreme Court has made a horrible decision. McCain and Lindsey are basically throwing the election to Obama over this one issue. But what is suspect is that the Supreme Court was logically told by the bad guys to declare the Act unconstitutional knowing McCain would act as he is acting and thus throw the election to Obama. Believe it or not, there is a more horrible Act which comrade Little George signed October 16, 2006 which allows him to put the USA under Martial Law for basically any reason. The communi$t$ will not order the Supreme Court to declare this bill unconstitutional because its John Warner bill and not McCain's, and this is about throwing the election to Obama, not getting rid of laws which shred the US Constitution. I am still leaning toward McCain even though he is obviously throwing the election to Obama, can't wait to see his VP, has got to be one who will guarentee his defeat, because this Suprme Court decision reeks and everything in the news is bad guy manipulation to elect Obama, and if the bad guys want Obama, I want McCain.
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Tybalt Tybalt
In that not likely adventure, he can in basic terms do in basic terms like the Republicans interior the senate and veto each thing requiring a veto information majority to bypass something. by ability of con criteria, if the Republicans won't be able to manage that, then that's their fault, not Barry's or the Democrats.
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Rickey Rickey
"All Obama has to do to win the White House is to talk about what Bush has already done to this country and the McCain will be more of the same." Funny, that is all he's done up to this point. He's been effectivlely shown to be wrong about this and a great many other things and I know some lifelong Democrats that are already tired of it and are either not voting or voting for McCain. You do know that most of the increase in gas happened after The Dems took over the legislature dont you. Your reasoning is fairly well flawed. now playing:in the evening - led zeppelin
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Merle Merle
If Obama is such a good politician I dare him get either: JESSIE JACKSON OR AL-SHARPTON AS HIS VICE PRESIDENT see if he will ever get 10% of the American votes!!!!! BTW, where in the hell are these two??? Is there a black conspiracy to hide these two before the election day??? P.S. Bush did not stole the office...he won it fair and square...twice!!!! (You stupidity is obious!!!!)
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Jonty Jonty
I think that once women realize that John McCain does not look out for our top priorities for our families, Obama will win their votes and the election! John McCain doesn't show support for women's issues. He wants to over turn Roe v Wade. He has been very reluctant to support women's and children's health initiatives and he voted against a minimum wage increase SEVEN TIMES!
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Ham Ham
The supposed 'failures' of the Bush administration has nothing to do with the supposed 'successes' of an Obama administration. That is a weak argument for Obama. McCain 08.
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Ebenezer Ebenezer
He will never win, bcuz Jewish people are preparing ( Bush's style ),McCain to be there DOG for the next 8 years if his age will allow him..
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Cairo Cairo
There are 3 Branches of Government not including state and local Governments. All of them can take a little blame for all of those. Your question just shows a lack of intelligence for believing everything you hear without checking it out for yourself first. Quit drinking the koolaid.
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