I have to write an essay on why i chose Spanish instead of any other language.help?

I have to write an essay on why i chose Spanish instead of any other language.help? Topic: Spanish essays about myself
July 15, 2019 / By Davina
Question: like the topic is to write an essay about why you chose spanish...like what benift you get...i was gunna write about that you need it more in like then french or latin (for example) because in america its like the second language. but thats not enough to write a whole essay on any ideas?
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Best Answers: I have to write an essay on why i chose Spanish instead of any other language.help?

Brenda Brenda | 9 days ago
1- There are a lot of spanish speaking people in this country therefore you knowing it will increase your career goals. 2- You will be able to interact with more people in your community. 3- In an emergency situation you can talk to or for others who don't speak English. 4- Our neighboring countrys main language is spanish and the other languages are overseas. 5- If/when you travel you have a large amount of choices (Mexico,central,and south america) where you will feel comfortable. Hope you make an A++++
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Alexandrea Alexandrea
I am interested in learning the language because spanish is a common language in the world. It is the most used. I am interested in learning it. something like that
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Rick Rick
its one of the most common languages in the usa. like when you grab a coke bottle, on the back it will have spanish or something like that.
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