What are the worse consequences for forging a document to get in the military?

What are the worse consequences for forging a document to get in the military? Topic: Perfect email cover letter
June 20, 2019 / By Daryl
Question: I was placed on a prescription for anxiety 3 years ago for only two months because it was suspected that I had anxiety. It made me feel wierd and and have never been on it since. I dont feel I have anxiety or ever had it, but its stopping me from getting in the Marine Corps. I photo copied a letter from my Dr. (that wont work according to my recruiter) and re-typed on it that I was misdiagnosed. I feel I was and my Dr. refuses to put that in the letter to cover himself. If I give this letter to MEPS, how much trouble would I get in for forging a Dr.'s name to get in the Marine Corps.? The letter looks perfect with photocopied heading and everything except the misdiagnosed part. Whats the worse that can happen if I give this letter to my recruiter. The only way they will know its not real is if they hold the letter in front of my Dr. and ask if he wrote this or call and ask if I was misdiagnosed, thanks.
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Breeda Breeda | 8 days ago
Are you waiting on a waiver? Sounds to me like you are. Don't screw it up by doing something stupid. If you are not waiting on a waiver, go ask the NCOIC of the Recruiting Stations: WHY NOT!!?!?!??! They should have submitted one for you.... Don't do it..either way. It's stupid and if there is a waiver submitted, the MEPS may check on it..then your screwed. What I would do is try like all get out to get in. Keep fighting...we need more info out here to help. Are you Permanently DQ'd? Email me.
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Alexandra Alexandra
It depends what you consider the worse. - If they discover this before you get enrolled you will be denied entry into the service because you lied on your application(s). This will follow you every time you try to reapply. - Whether they choose to handle this themselves or turn it over to civilian police you will most likely be charged with forgery and uttering a forged document (trying to pass it off as real) and could be fined or even jailed. - If you are already in and they discover this then you will be charged for uttering a forged document and disciplined accordingly which could include jail time (most likely) AND dismissal with disgrace. I won't even touch on the civil penalties that could come about should the Doctor sue for this. If you feel you were misdiagnosed then your best bet is to find another Doctor willing to certify you are healthy for the service and try again. Joining the military by committing a forgery is no way to start a career.
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Turlough Turlough
MEPS will not check with your doctor. They have better stuff to do. The worse that they will do is disqualify you. If you were processing for the Army we could get you in because of the time that has elapsed since you took the meds. You would take the physical, go to a psych consult and if the Dr. cleared you, you would be in the next day. We could even get you in on the REAL Dr. Letter and no harm would be done!
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Richie Richie
The worst element which could take place to you is truthfully being time-honored into the militia. human beings lie each and all of the time approximately plenty worse issues than that to get into the militia and not something happens. it is not a huge deal. save it to your self and if it ever comes up tell them you probably did no longer think of it exchange into serious adequate to advance. I lied to get into the army and then advised them the reality so as that i ought to get out. I have been given an honorable discharge. appropriate Contributor is only making a wild wager, as favourite.
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Meredith Meredith
why would you forge a document???? you would be in deep trouble for doing so. If the Marines find out, you would be in violation of the UCMJ and will have a fraudulent enlistment on your DD 214. It will affect you from getting a job so dont do it!!!
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Jonathon Jonathon
Fraudulent Enlistment - Maximum Punishment; Dishonorable Discharge, forfeiture of all pay and allowances, and confinement for 5 years.
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Hale Hale
well, the usmc isnt like this, but in somecountries, if you do get in, an they find your a fake, you could be shot
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