How do i stop camming?

How do i stop camming? Topic: How to write a note on macbook
June 20, 2019 / By Darleen
Question: I'll go on cam with someone and i'll jack off i always feel REALLY guilty afterwards and i say im not gonna do it anymore then a week will pass by and i'll do it again. I cant get rid of my cam since i have a macbook and usually i do it late at night when my parents are asleep and i cant move my computer to another room since its a laptop. Please help me!
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Breanna Breanna | 4 days ago
A post-it note over the camera might help. You could write on it, "NO MORE CAMMING!!!" That might do the trick.
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Aletha Aletha
Create a reward system for yourself. Start by going two weeks without camming and figure out a prize (camming is not a prize). The longer you go without, the better the prize. You just need to learn to manipulate yourself and bribe yourself into the behavior you want.
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Tubal-Cain Tubal-Cain
if you're a christian go to god and pray, I've done that and it helps a lot, also you could probably to a computer store, and get them to disconnect you camera, or you could get the sites blocked through a program, best of luck to you man, just hang in there
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Reynard Reynard
Try self control and will power! And if it doesn't work (which i dnt thing it will) see a therapist dude! U have a really weird addiction!
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Melvin Melvin
the surefire way of stopping is by breaking the cam....and all other cams you have in a private place ;)
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