How long will it take to legalize my status in the U.S. through a family member?

How long will it take to legalize my status in the U.S. through a family member? Topic: Mi case status
July 16, 2019 / By Darla
Question: So im 22 years old rite now and im looking to legalize my status in this country.im a college student and work part time. I been living in the U.S since i was 2 years old. My family filed paperwork for us back in 1992 through my father who was a U.S resident at the time. We got approved and got ouR approved letter from immigration but my father got into some kind of problem with immigration and nothing ever happened to our case.the case just froze i guess. after we got approved we never recieved anything else from immigration. he petition my mother my older brother and myself.we all got approved back in 92. so my question is the following my brother who is 27 is becoming a citizen next month and i was wondering how long will it take if he was to petition me???i know usually it takes around 10 years to do so since im over 21 but was wondering if having filed paperwork back in 1992 will help me now??? i still have the letters from immigration saying i was approved. will i be able to get a work permit right away or will i have to wait years before i get anything??? i heard it might take about 3 years to get a greencard but can i get a work permit before that??? if someone can answer these questions i would really appreciate it! thank you and GOD BLESS!!! sd
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Breann Breann | 3 days ago
There are TWO different types of approval letter, was the PETITION approved or the RELATIONSHIP approved? is the petitioner now a US citizen? what is your current status in the US right now? over stayer? undocumented? expired visa? it all depends on these. It is better you seek advice from an immigration lawyer. Your info is not clear so we can't give you the correct answer. ADD: If your brother petitions you, it will take 16 to 23 years to get you a visa and if you are in the US illegally, you have to go back to your home country first. Like I said, get a lawyer.
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Alesha Alesha
If your father was not successful in completing the application process, then his petition does not help you. You will have to wait at least 11 years after your brother petitions you. If you are a citizen of Mexico, the wait is 16 years and if from the Phlippines 23 years for sibling petitions. You cannot get any kind of temporary working papers in the meantime. If yu are in the US illegally,you will not be able to get a green card through your brother. Minor children and parents can adjust status from overstayed visas to green cards, but siblings cannot. You should consult an immigration lawyer and give clear and correct details about your family's case.
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Truman Truman
hard to say. your father should consult a good immigration lawyer with whatever his has to show everything that happened with your previous petition before he refiles. it may be possible to get the original filing date credited to a new petition, but there's no way we could tell you that based on what little you have here. In any case, you'll have to prove you deserve it to make it happen.
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Melville Melville
take all your paperwork to an Aila lawyer sound like you are an illegal in the US therefore will get nothing ... Lawyer first stop
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