Low Sex Drive in 23 year old man?

Low Sex Drive in 23 year old man? Topic: Case scenario for medical students
July 16, 2019 / By Darian
Question: My fiance and I have been together for nearly 4 years and living together for the past two years. Before I moved in with him we didn’t get very many opportunities to be intimate because I was still living with my parents and I was a minor. Immediately after I moved in with him, his sex drive drastically declined. After two years of trying to spice up our relationship, I’m at my wit’s end! NOTHING seems to interest him any more! And whenever we DO have sex, it doesn’t last but for a few minutes and if one thing goes wrong he loses the errection! He’s 23 years old, college student, no drugs at all, despises alcohol, no medications, average build, minimum stressors other than just basic college life and work life. I know he isn’t cheating on me, I know he’s not masturbating, and he has a nocturnal emmission every other month or so. What could be causing his low sex drive, what can I do to help it, and is this something I should be concerned about when we begin planning a family in the future?
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Brandy Brandy | 1 day ago
Altho I doubt he has any medical issues. It could help if he sees a doctor first to rule out medical problems. Or it could be a psychological problem. Even if he had no socio-economic stressors in his life. U could be a source of stress on him. He might feel he's failing you. Or threatened by u. Or, worst case scenario, disgusted by u. Trying to fix the problem on ur own can make it worse. I think he needs to see a therapist first...who could advise couple therapy later.
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Aleesha Aleesha
Thanks for all of the details, it really helps in giving you a better answer. Let's start with what you have given us. I'll do a quick checklist: He's in his sexual prime, so he should be interested - at least more often than an older guy. No drugs, alcohol or medications, so that rules out a ton of potential problems. College and work can be extraordinarily stressful and the fact that he is juggling college and work simultaneously can be exhausting. That's especially true if he is a conscientious worker and a good student. So one thing to consider is to talk with him about his work and school and see if there is anything he can do to lower his stress about it. But you give a VERY telling statement when you say that if "one thing goes wrong, he loses the erection." I am not a licensed therapist, but I have a friend who suffers from severe performance anxiety, and it even affects his sex life. That sentence alone tells me that at the very least you should look up a licensed clinical professional - like a sexologist - to discuss how he is feeling during sex and what he's thinking about. Here's why I suggest that. In many healthy sexual relationships, sex is so fun that nothing "goes wrong." We tried that and it wasn't so fun, so we moved on to something more fun. And the idea of "wrong" really doesn't exist. Things work, or they don't, but either way we're going to have a blast and really enjoy this. A sexologist, or therapist, or psychiatrist can help him to work through what it is that is bugging him. It could have been a bad previous experience, signals he thinks you are giving, religious guilt, or any number of factors. A trained professional can pick up on these things quickly. And if you think about it, you are talking about planning a family, so isn't this an investment worth making before a mountain of hardships and heartbreaks could possibly happen? How much time and energy is both of your happiness worth? Finally, I always advise checking with a doctor. It could be a medical condition that is giving him trouble. Maybe it humiliates him to admit he has a problem. A doctor can help with physical issues. I wish you luck and hope this helps.
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Reubhen Reubhen
He could try viagra but I will tell ya what, that stuff sucks. The side effects are terrible. Has he ever tried a sexual enhancer? I was in his situation, like I said, viagra was tried but it wasn't for me considering the side effects overwhelm the pleasures of it. I found this natural herbal enhancer and figured what the heck, if it's natural it must be great and plus it said no side effects. I tried it and after about two days of taking it I was just horny like a mad man. All the time, I have erections that want to stand straight up and the orgasms are to die for. The stuff was called vigrx plus and I saved on it at the time at hughs-reviews.com You should tell him to check it out. I love the fact it's made from a researched blend of herbs that seem to do the trick for me atleast. Good luck and I hope this helps
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Melbourne Melbourne
Honestly, I see myself in your fiancee's shoes. This is like my story totally. I am 23 years old too and I believe I have a low sex drive. I had a girlfriend for past 4 years and we broke up. Break up was due to tons of reasons and was mutual. But wait, my sex drive isn't low because of that. I had been intimate with her, not to the level of sex, but in general. She was indeed very beautiful, very loving and very loyal. Our break up is a sad story. Never mind, coming back to the point, well your fiancee clearly is stressed. Considering the age he is in, he surely must be thinking of ways to make money, a living, achieving name and fame, becoming powerful, etc. If he is a mature guy, am sure that's what is going through him. He probably wants a safe and promising career by all means and then wants to decide about having a family or so. He seems to have programmed himself such and that is why he isn't bothered about sex anymore. And as you said that he doesn't believe in masturbation, drugs or alcohol, so am sure that he respects sex too. For him, sex may not be about fun and using condoms. He probably considers sex as the medium of reproduction coupled with enjoyment. And since he doesn't want to be a father right now, he isn't giving sex any importance. Tell him to start exercising in any case. Exercising makes for a lot of change and drains out depression and stress. I am a fat guy since childhood and I guess that is the reason for my low sex drive at all times. I am working on it now though. As for you continuing with him or not, well, atleast talk out with him if he loves you and what is he planning in life and how could you help him. Supplement him with your support and cooperation in general. Too much talking isn't good too. Just be as lovers, who may not even talk sitting next to each other for hours, yet their minds are doing all the talking. Decide for yourself how much is sex important to you? If in the near future it turns out that he has some problem, then what? So, it is for you to know if you like him, respect him and can see yourself with him forever. Sex shouldn't be the reason for a break up. You can easily adopt kids or so. There are millions of people who are infertile these days. And believe in god and time, they both will do the healing, sooner or later. But first, analyse and judge yourself.
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