Mailing a tape audition to YG Entertainment?

Mailing a tape audition to YG Entertainment? Topic: Writing applications
June 20, 2019 / By Darcy
Question: Do you put the recording on a CD as well as the pictures? Do you have to write the application in Korean or can it be in English? I can do both, but which is better? Would it be better to have the photos taken by a photographer, or would it be fine to send in pictures that were taken by yourself? Thanks. :D A lot of questions... XD
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Brandie Brandie | 10 days ago
Put the recording on the CD, send some pictures in an envelope you send it in. I would also recommend making a video tape. Write the application in English. If you write it in Korean, they will think you know Korean. And if they find out you don't know Korean, they will be upset. (Unless you do know Korean. Then write it in Korean) You can send pictures you take yourself, as long as they can see what you look like. It might look better if you have photographer pictures though, because then you will look more professional. Good luck!
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Brandie Originally Answered: SM Entertainment Audition Help?
hi there. 1,2 there's no stage i think only the process. mostly like this : You picked =>Judges will ask you if you have other talents then you show them=>make an appointment for private audition and you will be singing more songs and dancing to random songs, they will be filming=>judges will have a meeting as they watching the video they took =>if they still like you they will make an appointment for recording your voice and make up + photo shooting=> to see what your voice is like when is recorded and your look through the Professional camera lens =>judges meeting with the photos and your recorded singing voice=>if they still like you then they wanted to meet your parents / at this point they will give you a chance to meet other artists and take to you live concerts to show you what it is gonna be like to be a celebrity => Judges will meet you parents and tell what they think about your talent => your parents are fine with your decision to be a trainee? => then the Judges will make your file to be a full report of trainee candidate and present you to company's top + executives at the monthly report meeting =>they said ok ? then you become a trainee! this process normally takes up to 2 month and you will have to see the judges so many times. There is no such thing like 1st,2nd,3rd round 3 mostly in on sm building, wherelse? 4. they want diffenrent one, if you keep showing the same one, they get boring and maybe thay'll think "you don't have any progress" like-so 5. you'll given time 1-3 min to dance (guess relate my answer no 1 & 2?) 6. i don't get it sorry 7. see no 1 and 2

Aleen Aleen
a million) i think of you ought to ask corporation by way of calling or emails. It relies upon on corporation regulations. 2) you do not ought to provide up college. you are able to bypass college with your training in Korea. 3) in case you are able to sing like a black human beings, YG or cube is the least perplexing to get into. while you're solid at dancing or you're enormously, SM/DSP is far less perplexing to get into. 4) Are you kidding me? you're very youthful to observe an audition. 5) SM has the audition each Saturday. Sorry. i don't comprehend different corporation's audition time table. 6) it quite is greater efficient to sing in English. The examiner like English human beings. 7) don't be scared. You seem to have a fondness entering into corporation. solid luck!
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Triston Triston
I think this would answer all your questions http://bigbangkorean.wordpress.com/2009/05/19/updates-on-yg-audition/
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Triston Originally Answered: SM entertainment! how to audition? i have no idea.?
Hello, I'll try to answer your questions. 1. Yes it is fine if your Filipino. 2.Some might. But no matter where you go your always going to get some teasing hating and insults. 3. I doubt they would. 4. Yes, SM accepted Jessica and Tiffany who were both from the US. 5.They will look at it. But if they aren't interested they won't reply. 6. You will live in a dorm with other trainees, and they will pay for food, clothing and schooling. 7. Depends on your talent, if your already really good then you'll train for less. The average is 2-5 years of training. 8. Yes you will get a tutor for learning Korean. 9. For the final audition round they will pay for your ticket. 10. They can but SM won't pay for them. 11. If you pass it can be up to 3 months. If you don't pass they won't tell you. 12. You can visit your family because they give you breaks. But they don't pay for that, weekly they give you a little money so make sure you save it! Good luck and let me know if you audition :)

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