What is her future?

What is her future? Topic: Professional writing courses in india
July 21, 2019 / By Darcie
Question: my daughter's dob is 15/02/85. tob is 1.15pm. place is dabhoi baroda gujarat. what is her future?where she would be happy? i mean where in india.
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Brandi Brandi | 9 days ago
The following is all I know to give you. Sun in Aquarius, Moon in Capricorn This astrological combination points to a very strong personality with the resources for success and possible eminence in the field you choose. To any business or professional undertaking you bring shrewdness, reliability, and perseverance. Your mind has a subtle quality that allows you to grasp and deal with complex issues and important undertakings without being overawed by the burden of responsibilities. Much about you is hidden. You conduct your affairs under a cloak of diplomacy and reserve. But you are thoroughly ambitious and desire to reach great heights. There is, however, one pitfall to be avoided: soberness is a virtue, but you should avoid being too severe. The key to a more harmonious existence lies in avoiding solitude and counteracting your tendency to be overly independent. Express your nature within society and avoid letting your determined and self-sufficient personality inhibit your functioning among friends and associates. Ascendant in Gemini, Mercury in the Ninth House At the time of your birth the zodiacal sign of Gemini was ascending in the horizon. Its ruler Mercury is located in the ninth house. Your ascending sign and the position of its ruler offers general information concerning the overall trends of the course of life and complements the data pertaining to your temperament, given previously by the analysis of the combined positions of the Sun and Moon. Gemini is the third sign of the zodiac and among its key psychological influences over life there are the following: intellectual activities, humanism, and abhorrence of violence, constant doubt of all mental concepts, hesitancy and academic interest. People whose ascending sign is Gemini usually appear as elegant, slender, expressive, and with very humane facial expressions. They are individuals with some literary inclination, dexterous with manual labors and crafts, apt, able, witty, inventive and very curious and subtle. A Gemini in the ascendant will always distinguish herself by her rather eloquent speech and writing, her much occupied daily life, and her perpetual lack of an ability to effect swift and determined decisions. As a Gemini, you should try to compensate your hesitancy with fast thinking. Your disposition to life-events will be kind and generous (within bounds) but not always fortunate, because of too much vacillation in decision-making circumstances. You possess the capability of rising in life because of your own intellectual assets. Your mind is open and generous, and your intellect self-sufficient; yet on many occasions, judgment will appear as "twisted". You should restrain useless discussion, strife, and unprofitable argument as they're your worst enemies. To achieve success, you should stress your literary and scientific studies, give free hand to your brilliant intellect in warranted circumstances, and apply your diligent nature to writing, traveling, communications, and human analysis. In all these activities you are at your best. The course of your life events will follow a path of imagination and intellectual fancy, not lacking in pure reason, logic and intuition. Your thoughts may at times conflict slightly with previously established principles, and because of your miscellaneous interests you may find yourself obtaining little progress in intellectual efforts. In your life there is an inborn aptitude for writing and a substantial ability for artistic and literary work. Saturn in the Sixth House Saturn was found in your sixth house at the time of birth. This is a very faithful position. It indicates that your destiny will be fulfilled by overcoming obstacles in achieving success in your work. In general, your work orientation and general health may be difficult at times, but you have enough willpower and stamina to make the best of them. Even if you find problems in working and you may also be distressed by your relationships with subordinates or fellow employees, you can prove your reliability by doing your duty and taking responsibility for the general work process. Most of the more unfortunate circumstances should be regarded as tests of your character and viewed in this manner, you may obtain much enrichment in your psychic life from this knowledge and experience of pain. Moon in the Seventh House The Moon was found in the seventh house at the time of your birth. Exciting romance may occur at an early stage in life. We must warn you, however, that unless modified by further interpretations, the partner may have fluctuating affections. You're also one of those who throughout the relationship manifests a great variety of personality roles and who seldom shows in intimacy her real nature. Uranus Opposition Ascendant Uranus opposition the Ascendant shows that relationships stand in the way of achieving the freedom you want. You attract people who demand their own freedom, even though it means you must curtail yours, and this annoys you. A traditional marriage is not for you. You prefer a more liberal association in which the only binding agent is your emotional attraction to your partner. You enjoy a wide circle of friends who share your views and with whom you feel safe and secure. You are drawn to occupations that give you freedom to work in your own way, unconfined by rules and regulations. Although you have a mind of your own, you probably are not fully prepared to accept responsibility for your actions. Part of your role in life is to help others gain their freedom by urging them to get an education and to learn about the social and political issues that can affect them. Sun in the Ninth House The Sun was found in the ninth house at the time of birth. This is an indication that your real self possesses an attraction to higher levels of thought. Additionally, this indicates that the most important realizations may come through the process of pure reasoning. You will tend to grow through the workings of your higher mind where you may find, after much striving, the creative principle and the power of self-expression. You possess a rather austere mind which is fearless, self-confident and keenly analytical. Regarding life events, you will be inclined to obtain success in subjects connected with law, religion, and possibly foreign lands. Venus in the Eleventh House Venus was found in the eleventh house at the time of your birth. Your aspirations in life are very aesthetically oriented. You strive for peace and harmony and if it were left up to you the whole world would be more humane, kind, and considerate. In your more personal relationships, Venus gives you the capability of obtaining substantial gain and assistance through your friends, who will desire to assist you with the best of intentions.
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Alease Alease
Absolutely no offence, but I hate vedic astrology. It's all based on fate and who are you fated to marry and such. I know it's not completely right to say that we all have 'free will', because down to a certain point, we don't - only because we don't realise we can take all control if we want to - but we've come so far in this world, and to think we still can't choose where we will be happy in the world, I hoped was a thought that had vanished thousands of years ago. Let your daughter find her own way, without any outside help - her subconscious will lead her to exactly where she will be happy.
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Tristin Tristin
Sun in IX Prolonged scientific research. High ideals. Professionally successful abroad. Jupiter in IX Deeply intelligent. Professional success can happen abroad or in connection with foreign countries. Faraway travels are profitable. Mercury in IX She is full of mental activity. Undertakes exhaustive studies, always studying for pleasure. Can go to live abroad. House X in Aquarius Success in teaching. House XII in Taurus Business affairs will have their highs and lows, financial loss can be heavy. Venus in XI Successful professional life in great part due to good relationships, friends or patrons. She finds love in the circle of friends. Moon in VII Marriage is very important for her, for better and for worse. Uranus in VII Her independence does not tolerate marriage very well. If she does marry, she has little chance of finishing her days with the spouse, unless the partner gives her complete freedom. Neptune in VII Marries for love, but has a troubled conjugal life. House II in Cancer Financial success might come late, if it will come in the commercial field. House VII in Sagittarius Either marriage with a foreigner, or a marriage abroad, or marriage with a foreigner abroad. House VIII in Capricorn Natural death in very old age. Inheritances.
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Tristin Originally Answered: "The future you have tomorrow won't be the same future you had yesterday."?
I think it's true. I had a series of events land me where I am today that happened so fast I don't think I'll ever be exactly sure HOW they happened. My dog went to get a physical, the kennel assistant said we're hiring, I got an application and then a job- all because the guy mentioned they were hiring- and while I'd been concentrating on English in high school because I wanted to be an English teacher (I figured I couldn't be worse than some of the ones I'd seen) I was more and more interested in my job. I started taking more hours, covering for other people more, badgering the techs to teach me more, and two weeks after high school ended I packed up and moved across the country to study veterinary technology. I also would probably never have moved if I hadn't had a huge row with my two best friends in high school. I was fed up with always being expected to agree with them and they quit talking to me. That made it a lot easier to move away. So yes, I think it's true. Small choices, things that happen by chance, can drastically change the course of your life.

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