Workplace rules changed, restaurant going topless (?)?

Workplace rules changed, restaurant going topless (?)? Topic: Cotton on jobs application
July 16, 2019 / By Damia
Question: I've worked at this good restaurant for about a year. To make it brief, it is converting to topless. I'm invited to stay. It will take time to find another job as things are now. I asked if I could just stay on till I have one. They said yes but since my application says I agree to wear whatever the uniform is which in a couple weeks is a cotton wraparound skirt and nothing at all above the waist. I don't know if I can see myself performing all my regular waitressing tasks topless, even if it's only a for a few weeks or days before I get another job. Is there any other way of working this out? I didn't anticipate this.
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Bluebell Bluebell | 8 days ago
I would ask your employers if there's any other position available that doesn't include taking your top off. Even if it's being a cook or something. Explain to them that you want to be able to work this out in a way that works for both of you. See what they say and go from there.
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Aislinn Aislinn
I think they need to lay you off, so that you can get unemployment benefits. If you are a good waitress perhaps they can assist you with a recommendation to get a job someplace else. don't cave in and do something that you are uncomfortable with. Legal questions you can ask your labor board.
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Traherne Traherne
Oh geez I would really lose my appetite. Mind me asking which restaurant this is? I really think you shouldnt if you do not want to, just go with your principles, not the flow. Good luck hun. Oh yea I still wanna know which restaurant! lol
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Redmund Redmund
Normally, you aren't eligible for unemployment if you quit but I think this would be a valid exception, in spite of your contract's wording. Then you should get unemployment benefits as long as you look for work.
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Maurice Maurice
just quit and get a different job and save your dignity what kind of is that to be exact, a strippers club or something
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Jocelyn Jocelyn
Hopefully, they won't ask you to also play the accordion -- OUCH! And, whatever you do, don't volunteer to cook bacon!
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Gregg Gregg
where is this thats illegal indecent exposure laws start looking and refuse to go topless and go to your local unemployment office and report them thats not legal
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