How do I get gun cleaner out of clothes?

How do I get gun cleaner out of clothes? Topic: Case safe gun
July 21, 2019 / By Dallas
Question: So I stupidly washed my gun carrying cases with the clothes I used at the shooting range and the cases had gun oil and cleaner on them and now its all over my clothes! I tan the washer twice now with extra rinse and it won't come out! Its still sudsy and smells horrible( like the bore cleaner) how do I get it out and are the clothes still safe to wear?
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Best Answers: How do I get gun cleaner out of clothes?

Blondie Blondie | 6 days ago
Soak your clothes in Oxy-Clean for 30 minutes then machine wash in Oxy-Clean, this will remove the bad smell, they will be safe to wear..............
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