What are my chances at Colby?

What are my chances at Colby? Topic: University of reading admissions office
July 19, 2019 / By Darina
Question: I have a 3.73 gpa. My classes this year are Spanish 5 honors, myth, legend, and bible honors, calculus honors, gov and politics ap, and physics ap. I sent my first quarter grades because I got straight A's in all my classes. I am applying ed2. My SAT score was a 2000. I got a 700 math 710 writing 590 reading (I know). I am on the debate team, four year soccer and tennis player, valley hospital volunteer, guitar player, and some other things I'm not thinking of right now. I also love the outdoors and the cold winter. I also talked to the colby soccer coach and he said he could hold a tryout for me if i go to colby but I'm not getting recruited or anything. Idk if that helps me at all or if I should tell the admissions office i contacted the coach. I'm really nervous and I was wondering if you guys could chance me ED2 for Colby
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Bliss Bliss | 5 days ago
Here is a summary of the middle 50% of those admitted to Colby last year: http://collegesearch.collegeboard.com/ac... Your M score is great and your CR score is really low for this school. Most Admissions departments and committees are not paying too much attention to the Writing portion yet but your score there was so strong that I anticipate that they will give you a very favorable look. All that you can do is apply and see what they say. Also be smart about this - have at least two backup schools including the flagship university in your state.
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There are three considerations when admissions counselors review an applicant to an MBA program: the undergrad GPA, your GMAT, and your professional experience. The credentials are nice to have and support the assertion that you posess a depth of experience in your career, but you should also think about breadth of your profile. Consider that schools figure the GPA into their graduating profile, the question you should ask yourself is " What will be the impact of my GPA on the graduating class?" Nevertheless, don't think that just because you don't have a 4.0+ GPA that you won't have a chance. Do a quick SWOT analysis (Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, and Threat) on your academics. How did you do in the quantitative classes?How did you do in verbal subjects? What can you do to compensate for those areas that show you will be able to master the MBA workload? The MBA curriculum has a very heavy quantitative load. You will be expected to calculate queuing, safety stock, and efficient frontiers. There is also considerable reading of very technical and qualitative subject matters and your success will depend upon your ability to master these skillsets. Thus, your GMAT is yet another way to prove to the admissions staff of your ability to read, master, and synthesize complex notions quickly and respond with thorough analysis. Lastly, your work history rounds you out as a candidate. Eight years of expereince is considerable. If your experience shows some upward momentum, I would emphasize that on your application. I suggest that you consider the following question when putting the story of your professional career together for admissions: What do you bring to the MBA program, and what will you get out of the program. Another way to put this is: how you will use your MBA to increase your value and make the program look good five years down the line. You will be up against a lot of very well qualified people so be aware of your position. Try to think of what skills you have that will make you a success in an MBA program and pitch it in your application. Good Luck!
Bliss Originally Answered: Chances for MBA?
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Bliss Originally Answered: Chances for MBA?
The GPA is kind of low....but you have alot of professional experience which is what alot of MBA programs are looking for. I don't know! You can always apply and see or call and ask to speak to an admissions counselor.

Airlia Airlia
Delete this question right now before you embaress yourself anymore. I hate when smart people ask obnoxiously STUPID questions like these..."What are my chances"!? Seriously, please look at the college website or talk to an admissions counsler or advisor in regards to your situation becuase no one on here will give you an accurate question. Look the SAT is it out of 2400 and you got a 2000? The average SAT score in the US is around 1500 or so...I will leave the common sense part up to you..
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